Posted by Chris WHELAN on Feb 12, 2023

Time To Talk About JacFest 23

There will be a Jacaranda Festival Project Team meeting after breakfast on Tuesday 21st February. Any member interested in the JF23 is invited to attend, in person or by Zoom. Finish by 9:00 am.


1. Proposed new JF23 project management structure.

2. Upcoming training on Teamwork

3. What day for the Festival? A Saturday or a Sunday?

Jacaranda Festival Update for Our Club Sponsors

Report from Applecross Rotary on the Applecross Rotary Jacaranda Festival JF22.

JF22 was held 19th November 2022. This was the 22nd consecutive Applecross Rotary Jacaranda
Festival. It was a great success, albeit momentarily dampened by a shower of rain.
Approximately 12,000 attendees; survey responses indicate 58% resident within the City of
Melville. Demographics: 36% young adult, 24% young family and 39% older family. There was a
50/50 split between returning patrons and first-time visitors. More than 90% of survey respondents
advised that they see the event as a “community event” run by volunteers. Brand recognition is
well established across the Perth Metro area. However, communication about the role of
Applecross Rotary, the City of Melville and other event sponsors can be improved.
The event footprint was expanded into McDonald Street because of the building/carpark
development at the NE corner of the event space. This was a successful move and will be required
for any future events.
Based on past feedback the event strived to provide additional public facilities at JF 22. However,
the major item of public feedback was “more shelter, seats and tables”. Thus, additional
infrastructure and space allocation will be needed.
The new ‘quiet zone’ was a success, enhancing community diversity within the event.
The waste management initiatives, funded by a grant obtained from the City of Melville, were very
successful. Public education outcomes were evident, and the initiative was applauded in some of
the public feedback. Applecross Rotary seek support from the City of Melville to replicate and to
improve this important community initiative.
Stall holder bump-in was significantly improved following input from Erin Madeley Consulting. This
improvement was applauded by almost every stallholder who provided formal feedback. There
were 152 individual stalls, including 8 NFP’s and 3 community organisations. Feedback from 59
stallholders (39% of the total) was overwhelmingly very positive.
There were no reportable incidents during the event. Feedback from local neighbours indicated
strong support for the expanded street closures. The flow of pedestrians approaching and leaving
the event has improved and thus less risky.
Food stalls were provided free access to an electrical supply. This reduced the noise/smell/risk
from their generators. However, the supply provided was not sufficient and a larger generator will
be required at future events.
Volunteers donated 789 hours on the event day. This is in addition to the 540 hours donated by
Applecross Rotary volunteers in the project team.
After the event $17,910 was distributed to external volunteer groups and entertainers who
supported the event on the day.
The current 3-year funding support agreement from the City of Melville expired after JF22.
Applecross Rotary’s objectives for the festival over the next 5 years are:
  1. Build on the existing 22-year brand recognition to reinforce community volunteering, Melville amenity and civil life.
  2. Broaden public recognition of how the event is produced.
  3. Increase engagement so more local business be involved and support the event.
  4. Enhance community diversity and inclusion in the event attendees.
  5. Be an educational role model for waste management at a public event.
  6. Broaden the event footprint:
    • Use MacDonald Steet to its best availability.
    • A longer event time span to include evening entertainment/meals in a nearby location.
    • Enable workers at local businesses to easily park near the event space.
Applecross Rotary seek a new 3 year funding agreement, requesting $25,000 per annum.
Prepared by Chris Whelan
JF22 Event Coordinator
11th Feb. 2023