Posted by Kenn WILLIAMS on Mar 13, 2023
1. Rotary Leadership Institute.
Along with 13 others from Rotary Clubs (disappointing numbers), I attended the first of 2-day training sessions conducted by the Rotary Training Institute.  There were certainly a number of recently joined Rotarians and for them in particular, the information on how Rotary functions and its key drivers of activity were of real value. For the more experienced of us, many knowledge gaps were filled. with plenty of time for engagement and questions.
The session started at 8.30 and went through to 4.25 on Sunday and was led by four of our more experienced Rotary Leaders in WA.
Topics covered Leadership, engaging with and attracting new members, our bigger Rotary World (RI, Zones and Districts), Rotary Foundation and the wide world project work undertaken, and how to participate. A session on the importance of Rotary Ethics and Vocational Service, and opportunities for Rotary to ensure that our high standards are shared with our business world. The final session was on community Project/Service work and included a practical session on setting up a pre-determined community project from start to finish. A good teamwork exercise that worked really well as a training session.
The second and final session will be held on Sunday 26th March at the Mount Lawley Senior High School and can genuinely recommend this for any member wanting to better understand how Rotary actually gets its wide range of activities underway year after year. The sessions are led by ordinary volunteer members like you and I who step up to take on the responsibilities needed to make things happen! You can register by clicking here.
2. Visit to Booragoon Rotary.
Last week I attended Booragoon Rotary, who also meet at Dome Deepwater Point Tuesday evening, and though in small numbers the way they go about community engagement is a lesson for all! They have attracted a group of about 20 Melville Volunteers to fit in with their particular local projects, ie: tree planting etc, and are hopeful that this will generate more interest in Booragoon Rotary.
Well done Peter Best and his loyal Rotary team.
Next week, I will be visiting Attadale Rotary and would welcome someone to attend with me.
3. District Assembly.
This is to be held on Sunday, 2nd of April at Leederville Function Centre, and will be a half day morning meeting aimed squarely at all incoming Club office bearers. I will leave this to Tom to gather his team to attend, but it is an essential responsibility for our leadership team in order to better understand what is happening on the broader Rotary front. 
4. Wine delivery tomorrow.
For those who have ordered wine from the cancelled Zone comedy event, I will have it available for collection tomorrow after our meeting. Payment of $10/ b Shiraz, $9/b Chardonnay and $8 for the Sav Ray please. If you would like to pay by Direct Debit the details are as follows: 
BSB - 066 173
ACCT # - 1002 3769
AG Kenn.
Kenn Williams
0428 472619