Posted by Chris WHELAN on Apr 24, 2023
Club members Brett Hammill, John Kelly, Peter McEwen and Chris Whelan recently enjoyed a fishing trip (4 days/3 nights) out of Exmouth.
Captain Brendan and Deckhand Matt provided exceptional bespoke service that made for a great experience.  The 44’ motor launch with a 14’ beam is a great fishing platform. Three members slept in the fo’csle and the fourth in the luxury ensuite with a huge double bed.
John was the best “Hunter”, capturing two marlin and the smallest catch of the day.
Brett “Hammerhead” nearly excelled: winner of the award for “the one that got away”; a huge marlin that broke free. He also outsourced the task of winding up 90 meters of tackle etc. to his fellow fishermen.
Peter snagged a nice mahimahi and later managed to flick a hook through his own lip.
Chris was constantly under competitive pressure from John, who always managed to catch the first fish, and from exhaustion after reeling in Brett’s tackle and fish from an immense depth. None the less he found a beautiful mackerel tuna and a nice big red emperor.
We saw hatchling baby turtles fleeing into the sea soon after dark, a large turtle out at sea with birds resting on its shell, and a few noah’s where we had just enjoyed a sea bath: FYI they move at 80 kph and turn on a penny.
After feeding the crew and team, we went home with about 25 kgs of filleted Goldband snapper and a relaxed attitude.
All recommend “Innkeepers; Exmouth” to you and your friends, if interested.
Awards and Fines
John Kelly                                                                    
First Marlin and first fish Day 1 $10                    
Second Marlin $1                                                    
Smallest catch award $1                                         
Canny Hunter award. $3
First fish Day 2 $10
Brett Hammill
Largest (uncaught) Marlin $10
Laziest Fisherman award $5
First fish Day 4 $10
Peter McEwen                                                                 
First fish Day 3. $10                                                  
Only Mahimahi $5                                                     
Biggest and ugliest catch award $10 
Chris Whelan
 Biggest mackerel tuna $10
 Biggest Red Emperor $10
  Luxury bed award $5