Tens of thousands of West Australian families will struggle to put food on the table this Christmas.
Hunger is a growing crisis in Western Australia with at least half a million people struggling to afford enough food to eat in the past year. Sadly, more than 100,000 are children.
In 2020 Give A Feed has set a goal of providing 2,500 Give A Feed Christmas Hampers to West Australian families in need so they can celebrate Christmas and not go hungry. ​
Your kind donation of $30 will provide a Give A Feed Christmas hamper filled with festive food for a family of four to enjoy on Christmas day. Our hampers are packed by volunteers and distributed by Foodbank WA to ensure they reach those who are most vulnerable in our community. ​


1.  DONATING PERSONALLY - you will receive a receipt and a GIVE A FEED certificate of appreciation.
2.  GIFTING A DONATION ON BEHALF OF SOMEONE SPECIAL - The person you are donating on behalf of will receive an email containing a message from you that a donation has been made on their behalf as a gift to them, plus a personalised GIVE A FEED certificate of appreciation explaining that their gift has helped feed a WA family in need.

100% of donations raised helps feed WA families in need!

Each Give A Feed Foodbank Christmas Hamper is packed by volunteers and distributed via the Foodbank WA network to WA families in need.