Posted by Kenn WILLIAMS on Jun 10, 2024


PROPOSED CLUB DISCUSSION - JUNE 18th (Coordinated with incoming Co President Murray)

Throughout my nearly three decades in Applecross Rotary, our beloved Sundowners have stood as pillars within the club's social fabric, consistently drawing in a robust attendance of members, partners, and guests. Personally, and I know I speak for many, these gatherings hold a special place in our hearts.

They serve not only as a means of socializing but as a platform for strengthening the bonds of friendship forged through our Rotary connections. As time marches on, the significance of cultivating these meaningful relationships becomes increasingly apparent in enriching our overall quality of life.

Yet, recent gatherings have witnessed a decline in attendance, prompting us to ponder: IS IT TIME TO REIMAGINE OUR SOCIAL ENGAGEMENTS FOR THE FUTURE? And at its core: DOES THIS ALIGN WITH THE DESIRES OF THE MAJORITY AMIDST OUR EVER-EVOLVING WORLD?

Examining the landscape of post-Covid social dynamics, a noticeable hesitancy towards traditional communal activities emerges. Could this reluctance be contributing to our current situation? Or are other factors at play:

  • Are our schedules more packed?
  • Have we prioritized other activities?
  • Has the appeal of such gatherings diminished?
  • Should we reconsider the timing or venue?
  • Is the economic climate influencing perceptions of affordability?

Moreover, is the current rotation of hosting venues becoming stale? Could we revitalize our gatherings by establishing a regular social evening at Tompkins Park, perhaps with the option of dining together?

Should we explore the possibility of inviting neighboring Rotary clubs on a quarterly basis to inject fresh perspectives and excitement?

Are there alternative formats that offer ease of management while fostering stronger connections outside of formal club meetings? Some organizations are opting for fewer regular meetings in favor of occasional social dinner events. Could this model resonate with our younger members or entice new recruits?

Might a hiatus for Sundowners allow for new ideas to percolate, or should we persist and adapt?

For those unfamiliar, Sundowners typically occur from 5:30 to 7 PM on the last Thursday of each month, with no entry fee—just bring your own refreshments. It couldn't be simpler!

Let's collectively ponder the future of our social engagements and come prepared for a Club discussion on June 18th.

We, who champion the enduring value of these gatherings to our club's vitality, eagerly await your insights!

Kenn Williams 0428 472619