PP Chris Dawson and Life Member PP John Henderson
John Henderson was presented with his Life Membership plaque at the Breakfast Meeting on the 20th July 2021.  Unfortunately, John was unable to attend the 50th Anniversary/ Changeover 2021 party when Chris Dawson did the presentation in John's absence, however Chris Dawson was able to do a rerun at the breakfast meeting to John in person.
John joined Applecross Rotary in November 1984 and was Club President for the 1995/ 96 Rotary year. John was acknowledge with a PHF in 1998. 
In presenting John with the Life Membership plaque, Chris spoke of his early connection with John though his father and John both running very successful farm machinery businesses in the Great Southern Region in the 1960s.  John is known for his community spirit throughout his life.  Chris also mentioned the memorable Club social events at John and Helen's property in the 'hills' were a highlight of the Club's social calendar over the years.  
John thanked the Club for the honour of being presented with Life Membership and recognised Helen as the reason for his success in his business and community life.
John joins PDG Bruce James as Life Members of Applecross Rotary.
Helen Henderson, PP John Henderson, PDG Bruce James at Changeover 2020