Posted by Ray PHILP on Jun 24, 2020
Our guest speaker was Titus Dartnall who is a volunteer with the Rapid Relief Team (RRT).
RRT is a not for profit organisation that is in 21 countries with about 55000 participants worldwide and the RRT is predominately for catering assistance for charitable and government organisations dealing with homelessness, natural disasters and the like with recent support for the drought over east by organising a huge number of trucks and donating hay to the drought stricken areas.
Titus was introduced to Applecross Rotary through Jordan Keesing from local Federal Member Ben Morton's office. 
This was following an approach to the Federal Member's office for COVID-19 funding possibilities for 'Foot Operated Hand Sanitising Stations' for high-risk areas in the electorate of Tagney. 
The units are manufactured in Australia and the stainless steel dispenser is fully mechanical and comes with refills of high-grade hand sanitiser.  Its pedal command avoids getting your hand contaminated.  Its stable as an independent stand, doesn't need installing, is vandal proof, very robust and can be optionally fixed to the ground in high-risk areas.
Jordan highlighted our work in the Applecross Village as an opportunity to partner with a trial of the hand sanitising stations and hence Titus's contact with President Barry.
In response from questions from Barry Titus advised that the units have been manufactured in response to COVID-19 and as yet no installations have been done in WA.  The cost will be around $300 per unit and the RRT have the manufacture under control with an Australian manufacturer. RRT will also manage the distribution and logistics required for site delivery, refills etc.  
Lotterywest have shown interest for funding trials from their COVID-19 response focus.  
It was agreed to move forward with a face to face meeting that Titus would bring along a working unit to view.  The meeting would discuss the potential of trialling the units in the Applecross Village and putting together a  business case to seek funding and sponsorship opportunities for the trial.