Posted by Ian FAIRNIE on Jan 29, 2024
This question crossed my mind after reading an interesting article in a Blog called The Conversation [see link* at the end of this post]. The authors brainstormed a definition of The Common Good because the term is sometimes thrown around like confetti used to be at a church wedding.  The definition they settled on is:
'The common good refers to achieving the best possible outcome for the largest number of people, which is underpinned by decision-making that is ethically and morally sound'.
Almost as if cued, a social media post from Rotary International appeared shorty afterwards, on my laptop: 
Rotary is a global network of 1.4 million members who strive to make positive change. From protecting the environment to fighting disease, our mission is to create lasting change — across the globe, in our communities, and ourselves.
So my question was answered - YES. Rotary is an Agency for pursuing the Common Good, here in the City of Melville, in Western Australia, as well as nationally and internationally.
And that’s why I am a Rotarian!