Posted by Ian FAIRNIE on Oct 03, 2023
Here are two people who make a difference in the world, not just Mt Pleasant or even Applecross: Greg Hebble is the CEO of Wheelchairs for Kids (WFK), and Sara David AM, is the founder of Living Child Inc, a Perth based charity training lifesaving midwives in remote areas of New Guinea.
Neither knew the other one was dropping into our meeting to update members on how our financial support is helping them make a difference in the world.  And neither know our guest speaker’s presentation would be very relevant to their work.
Greg told us WFK’s army of volunteers are now turning out 400 wheelchairs a month and are currently preparing to send a container with 340 wheelchairs to Morocco to help children who were disabled by the recent earthquakes there.
Sara had just returned from PNG and thanked our members for the funding which enabled a group of local women attend a world conference of midwives in Bali recently.  None of them had ever travelled overseas before and found themselves in the company of people from places of conflict, like Ukraine and Haiti. They themselves have had their own experience of this with local tribal conflicts that flare up from time to time.
By the time your intrepid correspondent left the meeting, Greg had offered Sara the wheelchairs she needs for some tribal kids to enable them to work towards their dream of competing in the Paralympics one day.  Heaven knows what other great things will come from this serendipitous encounter.  Oh, I forgot to mention Greg also won the Heads ’n Tails game that features at the start of all of our meetings!  No wonder he keeps coming back.