Applecross Kenya program leader, Chris Whelan, thanked all of the volunteers who helped him, Erin and Mike at our booth at the recent Rotary International Convention in Melbourne.
One of the volunteers was DGE for our new combined district 'Rotary Western Australia', Ineke Oliver. 
Ineke's reply to Chris's email was as follows -"I was delighted to be able to help in just a small way at the booth, such a shame I didn’t have much voice at the time to speak to too many people, but I did manage to hand out quite a few of the leaflets! Congratulations on an attractive stall and in a good position, I hope there was some success in collaborations with other Districts for the project".
The success of our booth will see benefits not only for the Kenya program but also for Applecross Rotary's future opportunities for 'doing good locally and around the world.' The success was due to the meticulous planning by Chris and Erin to present a truly professional presence at this unique opportunity to engage with Rotarian's from around the world.