Posted by Valentin Vorholz on Jul 01, 2024
“I like your kit today, mate”, “Now you are finally looking like an authentic German” and “Only a real German would go with shorts in this cold.”, with all those quotes I got welcomed on Tuesday, to start in this fantastic week.

We had a free dress day in school and I chose to wear my traditional Bavarian dress, the “Tracht”. In whole Germany there is a wide variation of typical outfits, which vary in most of the towns. But the world-famous Bavarian dress, the Lederhosen fortunately is the one I’m able to wear and represent here in Australia. It was a joy to finally show my Bavarian pride at school.
On Wednesday we had an Arts day at school where we’ve been able to learn new things in Workshops like Aboriginal arts, Hip Hop and Foley. I was able to visit the fantastic Foley workshop, where I learned a lot of new things about the sound trick of the movie industry. We remade the sound for a scene from Terminator 2, a movie I certainly know. In the House singing competition later this we sang Unwritten from Natasha Bedingfield. It was a great success for the House spirit during the last Term.
On Thursday night I presented my host mum Aurian with a Banana birthday cake. Where especially she and everyone else were quite happy about. After a little but fun party we all went to bed to be ready for the last day of term. And what a day it was at school, we finished the term with a strong second place in Marching in the morning and a strategic game in the end in global politics. I truly enjoyed it.

In the afternoon I met with Elis, my Swedish exchange buddy who is leaving Australia in 6 days, in Fremantle. After we enjoyed the lovely streets and sightseeing spots in Fremantle we jumped in the bus and headed to Lorri. As Lorri said she can’t really retire from Rotary and loves to help making other people smile. And she definitely has a hand for this. I was a pleasure to be at ours.

On Saturday I had a lovely time hanging out with my sisters and later celebrating Aurian's Birthday with the wider Family. We had a great discussion about the current situation in the US and the Biden and Trump Debate in the TV.

Farewell for me is luckily still a little bit away, but not for all the other exchange students. They are leaving Australia in the next days towards their home country. We had a farewell event on Sunday, where we as exchange students had presentations about our year here in. Australia. We talked about the highlights we’ve been gone through as well as all the learnings we had in the last year. Main points of the Presentation where personal growth, becoming independent, contributing to the community and saying thank you to all the persons including the District, Clubs, Presidents, Mentors, Host families, Schools and of course the RYE Board and the Chair Jill Hanna, who is doing a lot of fantastic things for us students.
I’m looking forward to my three weeks holidays, with Family change and hopefully a lot of fun.
If someone of you would like or need a company for one of their trips, for example going to Rottnest Island, I would like to make this possible for you. 

Thank you so much and see tomorrow.