President Peter is back!
Peter McEWEN
member photo
It’s great to be back in Perth having spent a week in Jordan. While the trip was primarily business, I did spend an hour looking at an old Roman amphitheater, in the centre of Amman, that seated 6,000 people.  One interesting feature that I noticed on all walkways, were what appeared to be drains, but in fact were part of the sound system!
Noonkopir Primary School Ablutions Project
Project leader Chris Whelan reports that funding for the Special Needs Unit in Kenya is complete and fully funded. In addition to the USD35,000 RF Global Grant, USD40,000 was received from DFAT, and USD10,000 from a public solicitation on the Global Giving  platform. Construction has started.
Once again, well done Chris and Mama Respond!
Perth Makers Market
Another beautiful Perth autumn day saw a good crowd attend Sundays market.
Many thanks to Club members, partners, E Club, WBSS, and Attadale RC who assisted in making this event a success again.
Art Show 13-19 June 2022
Please check the roster.
Set up starts this Sunday with members rostered on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Melville RC will cover the other days.
If you can assist, we still need cover for:
  • Monday 13 June 3-5pm
  • Monday 13 June 5-7pm
  • Wednesday 15 June 1-3pm
  • Wednesday 15 June 5-7pm
  • Wednesday 15 June 7-9pm
  • Friday 17 June 1-3pm
  • Friday 17 June 3-5pm
  • Friday 17 June 7-9pm
Please contact Hamish, Ray or myself  if  you can assist.
Next Meeting
Don’t forget our kick-off meeting on 7 June 2022, commencing 7.00am with Washington RC PA.
This is an exciting initiative which will not only result in a close ties with a fellow Rotary Club, but also build on the great work that both Clubs are already undertaking in Kenya.
Don’t miss it!

Click here for the ROSTER for the upcoming Art Show.
Would appreciate you checking all detail and to make sure I haven’t left out any detail – or added members incorrectly.
A number of you have indicated an intent to participate but unsure of timings until closer to the event.
Members include Tom and Ron.
Other members have volunteered additional times – should the need arise.
As you will see there are a number of gaps which need to be filled – so “all hands on deck”  please.
Set up involves getting Trestle tables.
Melville RC are supplying 6 – so we need to get the other 6.
This is really important – so whoever has some tables – please let me know.
Chris and I will be leaving for Kalbarri early Tuesday morning – and back on the 10th or 11th.
I will be available on both email and or phone.
In closing many thanks to all who have offered to assist.
Check-out the Art Show's facebook page and like and share the posts to promote the event:

PMM Project Leader Brett H does his final checks 
Well, another PMM behind us, and hopefully another strong fund raiser for those with a need.
However, for the operations team, there’s is always something to laugh, cry, or enjoy about happenings on the day!
You have to laugh… at those dear drivers who, on seeing a collection request, make sure the window is up, a grim look covers their face, and they try to move past as if we don’t exist….. and those which only the ‘rights’ of an ACROD pass confer, have the indignation to DEMAND a spot, even when we are totally full up…. And those gob- smacked who ‘just come for the playground’, or a family picnic,  totally unaware that the event is on, … and some of our dear ethnic friends who look at you dumbfounded when one asks for a ‘donation for charity’!
Drop a tear when idiots, despite directions, insist on driving up the wrong, out going lane, and have to be directed out without causing total chaos,…or  want to stop and have a chat, despite traffic building behind them and holding up normal traffic flow,…. Or in the lower car park, get bogged in the sand due to stopping and trying to drive on again…
But on the enjoyment side, working to a schedule with a wonderful group of fellow ‘volunteer soldiers’, irrespective of the heat, wind, rain … or early hour set up/later hour pull down, sharing in the fantastic fund raising the event presents, and knowing that Applecross Rotary has again overseen a very well organised event management activity.
Long may we soldier on with this event, and have a laugh or a cry along the way!
PP Barry M shows how to do it from year's of practice!

Applecross Rotary Changeover

Wednesday 6th July .... More details coming

D9465 District Change-over Dinner & Dance
Tickets are now available for the 2022 District Changeover Dinner being held on Friday 24th June at Clipper Inn, Rockingham.   This is our final change over as D9465 before merging into one District, so let's celebrate and dance the night away.
To purchase your tickets head to:
If you have any queries do not hesitate to contact PDG Robyn Yates via email or mobile 0429 445 280.

Clive is still out in the front however George is closing in! George nearly took off the weekly prize of $1000 having picked the nine winners with a points difference of 1.  The winner picked the exact points and George was sixth overall.
Who tipped what team this round!

Easiest way to find contact details for other members and to check-out club event details.  Ray Philp is available if you need to assistance to set up. 
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