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President's Notes
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Some exciting things happening across the whole of Rotary. One being the redistricting of our zones as well as a pilot program which could and I think will make some important changes moving forward. Its been some time since Rotary had made some changes and needs to make sure Rotary in general is still relevant.
We are locked in to host the MCCC Business After Hours at the end of September. If you have any ideas or keen to help organise please let me know.
The Applecross Rotary speed dating night is progressing well, as I've seen quite a few tickets already sold.  Again well done to Elizabeth, Nik, Sarah and the rest of the City of Melville Rotaract team.
Looking forward to chatting with Ian and everyone tomorrow.

Protecting the Environment is Rotary’s seventh area of focus. The importance of  recycling and minimising waste in the first place, should be front of mind in the planning for all of our events and activities.
We have an opportunity to get a better understanding on what we need to do, with tour of the Canning Vale Waste Management Centre this Wednesday at 10am.
There are still spots available in our exclusive tour so if you are interested in joining the group let Lorri Brazier know on 0404 014 634.

    Meeting Notes 9 August 2022


    At the meeting Sarah, Nik and Elizabeth promoted an upcoming event being organised by Melville City Rotaract and Applecross Rotary, "SPEED DATING FOR CHARITY". The event is being held at the DOME Deep Water Point on Friday 2nd September at 5:30pm.
    Click here for tickets if you meet the age requirements smiley



    Mal Taylor celebrated his 80th birthday with a specially baked cake by Lorri! The before photo was taken to promote the launch of the Applecross Rotary awards to recognise Melville's business and community achievers in 2004.

    3. GUEST SPEAKER PP Murray McKay 

    Murray is the District 9465 Community Service Director and gave a very informative presentation on the Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS).  

    RAWCS was formed to enable Australian Rotarians, Rotary Districts and Rotary Clubs to assist disadvantaged communities and individuals through humanitarian aid projects.

    RAWCS has a financial infrastructure system that facilitates fundraising for projects that deliver humanitarian aid and charitable support in Australia and overseas. Projects are registered through Rotary Australia Overseas Aid Fund (RAOAF), Rotary Australia Benevolent Society (RABS) incorporating Rotary Australia Compassionate Grants (RACG), Rotary Australia Relief Fund (RARF), Rotarians Against Malaria (RAM) and Repurposing Medical & Health Equipment.

    RAWCS is not 'The Rotary Foundation' but a RAWCS project can also be a Rotary Foundation project. RAWCS offers an online donation facility to accumulate your funds and tax deductibility for donations.

    In the last 3 financial years project donations have generated +$30 million each year. The National Office consists of a CEO and one full time and one part time assistant.  All donations have a service fee 2.5% deducted to assist with administration costs.

    Click here to download a one pager "RAWCS IN A NUTSHELL"


    The next Perth Makers Market (PMM) is on the 25th September - a holiday weekend with Monday 26th being the Queens Birthday. The remaining PMM's for this year will be on the 6th November and 18th December. The draft roster for volunteers will be available by the end of August so we can make sure we have  the required number of volunteers.
    We will be promoting 'Stitches of Hope' and Anglicare at our  marquee positioned at the entry to the markets. We will see how successful the promotions are in engaging the market patrons for opportunities to discuss volunteering and/or membership with Rotary. 
    Erin (PMM) has provided two sets of signs stating the following for use from our next PMM:
    1. Parking is arranged by Rotary volunteers
    2. Thankyou for your donation - EFTPOS Available!
    3. All donations go directly to your community

    Matters of Youth Governance.
    A Zoom meeting held on Sunday by our District highlighted the ABSOLUTE NECESSITY for ALL Rotary Clubs to follow the Governance Rules when it comes to anything to do with Children or Youth involved in any club activities.
    No ifs or buts, if we want to protect the good name of Rotary, and not the least our own, we simply MUST meet and obligate these standards.
    Much of this relates to Legislative requirements,  but this is overlaid with Rotary’s own strict demands.
    Two Key requirements.
    1.  Working with Children Card.
    This is managed at the individual Club level, and involves any and all of us who have any role in interacting with children or youth… ie: Perth MM and Waylen Bay support.
    These Cards remain in force for 3 years, and then need to be renewed.
    WE SHOULD CHECK ON THIS AS A PRIORITY, a job for our Youth Director.
    2.  Volunteers Declaration Form.
    This specifically relates to any one on one engagement with our youth on any Club activity. It is quite detailed and requires referees and a declaration of good standing.
    IE: Even to the extent of sending out e/m’s to individual youth necessitates.
    No one is exempt from this requirement at a Club level, given that we are all volunteers.
    These declarations are forwarded to, and held by, District.
    Our Rotary Insurance Policy covers our legal risks and responsibilities, but it is essential to advise District Ins Officer on any Youth projects, and receive confirmation of cover.
    Once per year we also need to  send in a declaration re Working with Children/Youth activities at Club level.
    Important info and not to be overlooked.

    This is a unique opportunity to attend a Rotary International Convention.  As Chris Whelan pointed out the "RI convention comes to Australia once in an adult life". The event runs from the 27th of May to 30th May 2023. Chris has shared his plans based on arriving 26 May and departing 30 May as follows:
    Costs?…(no liability):
    • Registration: $690.
    • Air fares at present $ 680 return
    • Accommodation… up to you
    • Snacks included at lunch. Other meals on your own account. 
    • Thousands of new friends to enjoy. Inspiration at every corner.
    • For any of you who are not aware; this is a great event.

    Just do it!

    And Ian Fairnie also added "Helen and I attended the RI Convention in Bangkok in 2012 and it was one of the best experiences we have had (still is) so I personally recommend it".
    For more details and to register:
    Click here for convention video

    The promotional landscape is changing rapidly, get up to speed now, not just to help promote Applecross Rotary but your business and other organisations you help will benefit.
    This will be an enjoyable afternoon where we will learn from each other as well as from others who do this very well.
    Come along if you have something to learn, something to share or a mix of the two!
    It is all on Zoom, to ensure you can attend in the comfort of your own home and be ‘covid-safe’.  You are also welcome to get together with others and join in as a group. We will be finishing with a BYO sundowner. 
    This is the first of our Adventure series this year. We are very excited to get started! See you there!
    3:00pm - 6:00pm Sunday 28 August 2022
    Here is the link for the session, copy it to your calendar once you have registered:
    Ric McDonald District Governor D 9465
    Ineke Oliver District Governor D 9455

    Easiest way to find contact details for other members and to check-out club event details.  Ray Philp is available if you need to assistance to set up. 
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    Upcoming Events
    Breakfast Meeting
    DOME Deep Water Point
    Aug 16, 2022
    7:30 AM – 8:30 AM
    Resource Recovery Group Canning Vale Centre
    Aug 17, 2022
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    Ken Jackman Hall, Darius Wells Centre
    Aug 21, 2022 2:00 PM
    Breakfast Meeting
    DOME Deep Water Point
    Aug 23, 2022
    7:30 AM – 8:30 AM
    Breakfast Meeting
    DOME Deep Water Point
    Aug 30, 2022
    7:30 AM – 8:30 AM
    Speed Dating For Charity
    DOME Deep Water Point
    Sep 02, 2022
    5:30 PM – 7:30 PM
    Perth Makers Market Club Fundraiser
    Goolugatup Heathcote
    Sep 25, 2022
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    Aug 23, 2022 7:30 AM
    Australia's Preparedness for Foot and Mouth Disease
    Australia's Preparedness for Foot and Mouth Disease

    Professor John Edwards is the former Dean of the School of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences at Murdoch University. 

    He has considerable experience in training, research and consulting in the fields of animal health, epidemiology, biosecurity, food security, food safety and veterinary education.  

    Aug 30, 2022
    'Sailing On' organisation
    Sep 06, 2022
    Member introduction
    Sep 13, 2022
    Magic Coat Program
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