Our first Keynote Speaker series

Tom Atkinson(Administration Director) and Lorri Brazier (Programmes) have put together our first 'Keynote Speaker' event in partnership with the Brentwood Karoonda Sporting Association(BKSA). 
We have been fortunate to get as our speaker Jarrad Brown who is normally based in Singapore providing financial advice for both Australian expats and other nationalities.  Jarrad is currently 'trapped' in Australia by travel restrictions caused by COVID-19 however continues to keep his business going by using technology to work remotely while living in Perth.
Jarrad wants to motivate other young people (he is in his early 30's) to begin to start saving money and will show the financial benefits of reducing some short term spending and using the funds accumulated for something substantial several years later.  He will also look at choosing someone to help with this, and how to ensure they don't have a conflict of interest in providing the advice.
The BKSA has a substantial database of members who will be of the target age group of Jarrad's presentation that we can market the event to. 
This will also be an opportunity to introduce the attendees to what Rotary is all about and maybe attract some new members either active or associate.
The sporting club will benefit from promoting their venue for other community group events as well as providing some revenue through their licensed bar.
The event will be held on Tuesday evening on the 25th August at 7pm at the Brentwood Karoonda Sporting Association (13 Karoonda Rd Booragoon WA 6154)
MC Chris Dawson opened the meeting and the President welcomed our meeting guests;
  • Greg Hebble - CEO Foodbank and recently recognised by the club with a PHF
  • Karen Strange - Chair Wheatbelt and Beyond Youth Mentoring (WBYM)
  • Janine Dayman - Deputy Principal Bruce Rock High School and secretary/treasurer WBYM
  • Stephen Strange - Shire President Bruce Rock
Heads and Tails was run by Clive Pearson with the winner being Liz Palmer.
Ray thanked Lorri for hosting the first social event for the Rotary Year  and for the delicious and abundant food that she prepared, especially the sweets.  Unfortunately John and Ann Kelly missed out on the lunch as they were Bruce Rock attending a mentors and mentees meeting on the Friday and Saturday.  
Ray advised the meeting he had copies available for purchase of Helen Fairnie's book 'She's No Lady - She's the Vet!' with a strong endorsement from Chris Whelan who has started to read his copy.
  1. Liz Palmer reminded the meeting that the first Sundowner will be hosted by her and David on Thursday 20th August prior to them taking off in their recently purchased caravan for a few weeks the following week.  The September sundowner will be hosted by Peta and Kenn Williams on Thursday 24th September.
  2. Kenn Williams proved that he read the bulletin by thanking the contributor (Clive Pearson) of the article on the "great explanation of COVID" from the John Hopkins Hospital.  Kenn also highlighted the link from the AA to the Australian Rotary Health podcasts and advised the meeting that the Jac Fest meeting will now be held at 9:30am on Tuesday 18th August at Erin's office.
  3. Chris Whelan has a request from Rotaract for assistance to set up the parking at a City of Melville event they have been engaged to manage the parking for.  The event is on the same day as PMM.
  1. Karen Strange reported they were very lucky to have John and Ann for morning tea on Sunday morning before they headed home.
  2. The footy results added happy dollars to the collection box.
  3. Kenn suggested the president should contribute for loading up his car with the leftover cakes from Lorri's lunch.
  4. Tom Atkinson apologised for missing the lunch as he was playing his 250th footy game.
  1. Greg Hebble, introduced by Barry Mendelawitz who said the last time Greg spoke with us it was pre-COVID and as we know COVID has changed our world.  His experience in East Timor is that the trauma and Socio- economic effects of  this disease will have long lasting ramifications on the communities mental health and stress and is interested in what Foodbank is experiencing with the increase demand on their services.  Greg thanked the club for the PHF recognition and is very proud to wear the badge.  From an update on Foodbank perspective the situation with the restrictions on the east coast coast affects the supply chain in the West, which means that Foodbank needs to closely manage their requirements.  Currently meeting demand however there are so many different cohorts now asking for assistance that are starting to not be supported from government payments through job keeper, job seeker etc in the coming months that will cause an increasing demand on Foodbank services.  Greg also mentioned the project 'Give a Feed" that was started by the Heirisson Rotary Club some years ago and provided food hampers for families at Christmas time.  Greg asked members to consider supporting this project when it is launched closer to Christmas.
  2. WBYM guests - Karen Strange thanked the club for our support of the program (the reason for coming along to the meeting) and reported a very successful two days of activities facilitated by Janine Dayman and attended by John Kelly.  This is a face to face with the mentors and mentees having an opportunity to meet each other and the plan is for a return visit to Perth for a get together later this year.  Janine Dayman advised the meeting that the program has now started in Carnamah and as a testament to the simplicity of the program and using online technology it was started during the COVID lockdowns.  On the way home they are calling into the Quairading High School who have asked to come onboard next year.  Curtin University has already been approached to get some mentors onboard.  Stephen Strange said the council is very proud of the program and supports in a modest way. as well as providing facilities.  The support from city groups like our club closers the gap between city and country a little more. The gap has widened over the past few years and their kids have taken the brunt of that gap with some of the kids being very isolated even though Bruce Rock is less than 3 hours from Perth. 

Perth Makers Market this Sunday 

Looking forward to our generous community rewarding our hard work in managing the parking at the Perth Makers Market this Sunday 23rd August.
All donations will go to Rural Youth Mental Health.
Thanks to Brent Caithness, Complete Film Solutions, for his support for producing the signs ready for Sunday. 

Tuesday 25th August for our FIRST evening meeting with a keynote speaker.  More info coming.

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