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Hello Rotarians and Friends,
At our last breakfast meeting I shared a proposal for the leadership of Applecross Rotary for the next Rotary year 2024/25 with those in attendance. The proposal is for a Co-President role, shared between myself and Past President Murray McKay. This proposal has been discussed and ratified at board level, but of course it is our membership who have the final say on who leads our club, and so I wish to outline the reasoning for this proposal below (apologies for the longer message this week!).
The primary reason is simply the need to find a suitable volunteer who is willing to step into the role. Being President of a local service club is not for everyone, and to lead a non-profit entity in the modern day requires a broad skill set. Firstly, Rotary, in particular, demands a strong level of unique internal bureaucratic knowledge in order to maximise the impact of Rotary networks and programs for the benefit of our local community. Additionally, one needs to be "present" in the community we seek to serve to create connections, partnerships and ultimately positive impact for those in need. Third, the inner workings of our club, the culture, events, collaboration and social side must not be forgotten.
The board has concluded that, given the available options and willingness of those suitably placed to fill the role of President, a co-presidency is an appropriate proposal to maximise our club's engagement and impact in the community, with the benefit of 2 people delivering on the above duties at high level.
On a personal level, I enjoy the role of President, this being the 4th non-profit entity in which I have held such a role. The "rotation" philosophy of Rotary (from which Rotary draws its name) is nice in principle, but in practice the idea of having just 12 months to lead and enact some sort of strategy seems inadequate. 9 months into the role, having completed significant training and internal learning, I feel I am just getting started. However, with a young family and full-time work, I have been conscious of my ability to be "present" to the level I, and the role, require. Murray McKay is an experienced Rotary leader, wishing to contribute more to the club and community, but also with limitations on time and ability to commit fully.
We see this proposal, one which other local Rotary clubs have already taken on when facing a similar dilemma, to be a best practice modern day solution balancing volunteer availability with community outcomes in mind. But, most importantly, the board is seeking the feedback of its members and community as to how this proposal can benefit you and our club. Murray and I wish to engage as openly as possible and are happy to discuss this proposal and its role in securing the future of Applecross Rotary with all who wish to know more.
Yours in Rotary,
Tom Atkinson
President 2023/24
0433 117 568

Club President Tom Atkinson and Vice President Logan Duncan-Smith clearing some obstacles at the Lower Lands Perth Makers Market car parking area.

Our naughty Exchange Student prefers editing the Rotary promo for our Perth Makers Market activity so it's ready for tomorrow's meeting than finishing his report! frown Looking forward to the finished product.

AG Kenn's Musings

Perth Makers Market on Sunday was yet another fantastic display of volunteerism in action.

Easter gatherings always present a challenge for our volunteers in staffing the Perth Makers Market (PMM), but the turnout and enthusiasm for the latest event were exceptional. It felt like a true exercise in camaraderie as everyone pitched in and enjoyed each other's company on a beautiful autumn day.

A few cars found themselves stuck in the sand, which isn't uncommon after 5-6 months without substantial rain. However, overall, the day went smoothly. The application of new road material to the soft exit ways significantly improved setup efficiency, eliminating the need to navigate through soft patches.

Kay and the Stitches of Hope team had a successful promotional stint at our Rotary stall, and their smiles reflected their satisfaction as we assisted with the pack-up.

Congratulations to everyone involved, and hopefully, the generosity of our patrons will help recover some of the ground lost from the PMM cancellation in late February due to the heat.

With less than two weeks until Rotary Western Australia Action Day, I've been pushing for participation, and I hope a few of us can make it to the event at "The Rise" in Maylands on April 13th.

I've committed Applecross Rotary to support with the setup, utilizing our Ute, trailer, and club assets to ensure the day runs smoothly and looks impressive. We'll need to load up a smallish load on Friday afternoon (April 12th) and head to Maylands for an early start on Saturday morning. I'll need 3 or 4 helpers, so please be ready to lend your support.

Let's discuss logistics at our next meeting.

Two of our regular volunteers Peta Williams and Val Philp
Applecross Rotary, as part of our risk management strategy for our activities at the Perth Makers Market and Jacaranda Festival, has made a bulk purchase of Hi-Vis Canvas Sun Hats, as shown in the image. These hats, which come with a digital print, are typically priced at approximately $30 each. However, we are offering them to our members at a subsidized rate of $15 each.
Also, we greatly value the support we receive from members of other Rotary Clubs in our zone who help us out at these activities and extend this offer to their members.
The available sizes are as follows:
  • SMALL (55cm)
  • MEDIUM (57cm)
  • LARGE (59cm)
  • XL (61cm)
If you are interested in purchasing one of these hats you can contact me at  

Bibbulmun trek on track
Graeme Fardon said it all.  “I hope the actual trek is much less exhausting than getting it set up.”
Indeed Graeme!  What started off as a good idea gradually became very complex, akin to herding cats.
Our RYE Valentin came to us with a family trek from Munich to Venice under his belt, so it seemed very appropriate he take home the experience of walking part of the Bibbulmun Track while he is in WA.  Naturally, he wanted many of the other inbound RYE cohort to share in the experience.  The District Exchange Committee loved the idea and said they would like to make it part of the experience that future exchange students take home with them.  All good.
Until commitment time arrived.  The enthusiasm of most of the other RYEs evaporated, as did the active support of their Clubs.  Maybe they needed more time to digest the idea.
So now Valentin will start his trek with Elis, the Swedish RYE being hosted by Nedlands, along the last part of the Track, from 8-10 April, escorted by Graeme.  A loan of an Emergency Beacon from Chris Whelan has helped the preparation of the Risk Management Plan, and the Rotary Club of Albany Port is offering some hospitality when they arrive in Albany.
Celebrations would be premature (we'll save that for a Club breakfast), but not our thanks for the persistence of Valentin and the support he has received from our Club, through Graeme, with some coaching from John Kelly.   John has walked the track a number of times.

When recent presenter Jarrad Brown was in Perth recently, he continued to make and post videos on Facebook and Tik Tok.
Click on picture - 
This Australian expat crunched the numbers and broke down how much an expat family of four needs to earn to live in Singapore.
Jarrad's analysis: 
"Random video filmed in mum and dad’s backyard in Atwell. 147,000 views, shared 885 times, published by 3 news outlets in Singapore so far, the most viral piece of content for AsiaOne news outlet”
Prep time - 10 minutes; filming - 5 minutes, upload - 3 minutes
Cost - $0

The Snag!
Looking for a quick, family-friendly snack on the go? Look no further than a classic sausage in a bun with onions and tomato sauce. But hold on, the customization options open up a whole new world of possibilities:
"Can I swap the tomato sauce for BBQ sauce? Maybe add some mustard too? Oh, and my
buddy wants sweet chili sauce if you've got it."
"No onions for me, thanks.”
“Can you put the onions under the sausage, not on top."
"What kind of sausages are these?" "They're beef and lamb."
"Do they have pork in them?" "Nope, pork-free."
"Are they gluten-free?" "Sorry, no gluten-free option available." "Why not?"
"Vegan sausages?" "Sorry, too tricky to separate and not enough demand. Same goes for
chicken sausages."
Running a sausage sizzle stand isn't as easy as it seems. Behind the scenes, there are several volunteers: the BBQ Chef (aka the Tong Master) who often gets blamed for overcooking sausages (because every sausage must be cooked) or not cooking them fast enough.
Then there's the Order Taker (who can’t touch the money), doing mental math to tally up orders and money while keeping the line moving smoothly. And let's not forget the Money Collector (who can’t touch the food), ensuring funds are safely handled. Card payments? A bit of a bottleneck!
Cleanliness: please drop any refuse into the correct bin.
The sausage sizzle has been a staple at the Jacaranda Festival since 2003, starting with one stand, growing to two in 2006. Initially managed by Applecross Rotary, the Parents Group of the Waylen Bay Sea Scouts volunteers took over in 2007, freeing up Rotary volunteers for
other festival tasks. The relationship between the two groups blossomed, with WBSS receiving a new boat engine in exchange for their sausage sizzle support.
We source our supplies locally, with shoutouts to Applecross Village Meats and The Good Grocer. And all the profits from our sausage sizzles go right back into the community thanks
to Applecross Rotary.
So next time you're at a sausage sizzle, remember there's more to it than meets the eye – from the sausage to the bun and everything in between.


Round 3 WINNER - come on down George Mavros (Mavvy1!



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