President's Meeting Notes
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Thank you to members for responding to my call to come and hear one of WA's best speakers, Honorary Member Dr Chris Back.  We had our biggest turn out yet in what looks likely to be our new base for our breakfast meetings.  Thanks to Lorri for her persistance!
Our guests included Jordan Keesing from Ben Morton's office, Veronica Moore, Peter Mazza, Jan Pearson, Miles and Judy Philpott (friends of Gordon Dunbar, who live in Argentina), and past member Ron Bower.
Bringing the badge box into the main part of the café was very helpful so we will continue with this and encourage members and guests to mingle around the fireplace before moving to the function room when the bell sounds.
Our April Sundowner is this week, from 5.30pm Thursday at George Mavros’ apartment complex, 10 Roebuck Drive, Salter Point, almost opposite the gates into Aquinas College.  If you get lost call George on 0417 976 858.  Usual deal, $7.50 and a very small plate of food.
Thanks to Logan Duncan-Smith and Lesley Combes for helping interview two applicants for Rotary Youth Exchange – Ainslee Carr and Connor Ovens.  Both have been recommended for interview by the District Committee.
Congratulations to Jarrad Hall, having a birthday on 24 April and to Kate Zappa and Andrew Bright for their wedding anniversary on Friday.
Andrew Bower announced to spontaneous applause that he was finally formally engaged to be married!
  • Too easy – Happy Dockers, Sad Eagles’ fans
  • Andrew Bower – too easy again!
  • Lorri won the door prize so showed her happiness in the approved manner.
  • Many members showed their happiness in seeing Hamish Turner again after two spells in hospital.
  • We are having a presentation from the Harry Perkins Institute for Medical Research
Honorary Member Dr Chris Back was born in Perth and was educated at Aquinas College, Perth.
He has held a wide variety of positions beginning as a veterinarian then as an academic, moving onto become CEO of the Rottnest Island Authority and later the CEO of the WA Bush Fires Board. Chris then moved into the Oil and Gas industry working in Australia, South East Asia, India and the Middle East servicing oil majors and military clients and subsequently assisting in the establishment of a multi-national oil and gas services company until 2008.
In 2009, Chris was appointed a Federal Senator for WA and after serving in many important roles left the Senate 31 July 2017.
Chris and Linda have three adult children, Their daughter Elizabeth is a lawyer and now lives in Panama where she also serves as Australia’s Consul-General, son Michael operates a wine retail business in Singapore specialising in WA wines, of course, and younger son Justin is a former Rotary Exchange Student to Belgium, and a graduate of Duntroon who served with distinction in the Australian army, which included several overseas postings.
Today, as we look forward to Anzac Day, Chris talked about travelling to the battlefields of World War I with Linda and their two sons, last year.
Here’s a slightly cynical take on the First World War: The Germans were late into colonization so decided to take a short cut and take over other European countries that had colonies.  Unfortunately it seems they didn’t study the Napoleonic wars so they too invaded Russia.  Not only did this lead to the overthrow of the Czar and the establishment of Communist party rule but the philosophy of communism then began to ‘infect’ the German masses who started wondering if their own Kaiser had reached his use-by date.
Another observation Chris made was about conscription – Australia voted twice against conscription; even the troops overseas voted no in the second referendum.  New Zealand had conscription and maybe this was the reason that country was slow to recognise the sacrifices made by their servicemen.
Chris then turned his attention to the events involving the Australian army in France from 21 March 1918 until the knighting of the Australian Army Corps Commander John Monash, in the field, by King George V on 12 August 1918.
The Germans were convinced that they were winning the war, and the Kaiser came to France to visit his troops to celebrate.  They had captured Armiens (which effectively meant control of the railways of Northern France and Belgium), and the plan was to then take Paris and move across the channel to England.  This started with the capture of Villers-Bretonneux on 24 April.
However all this changed quickly when the Australians took back Villers-Bretonneux from the Germans on 25 April, and essentially took control of our men the next day with the establishment of the Australian Army Corps under Lt General John Monash.
The British High Command scoffed at Monash’s plans to recapture Le Hamel on 4 July, with his colonial forces reinforced by the newly arrived but ill prepared American troops.  (This was the first and last time US troops served under the command of a foreign General.)  Monash said he could do it in 90 minutes, and was genuinely angry that it took 92!  The Battle of Hamel was also the first time that artillery, infantry, tanks and aircraft had been coordinated effectively, with the plan devised by Monash’s 2IC, Lt General Talbot Hobbs from WA.
Armiens was recaptured on 8 August, effectively ending the war. 
The French prime minister of the time, Georges Clemenceau, personally went to congratulate Monash and his troops.
Ringed by Australian soldiers, Clemenceau* told them: "When the Australian army came to France, the French people expected a great deal of you.
"We knew that you would fight a real fight, but we did not know that from the beginning you would astonish the whole continent.
"I shall go back tomorrow and say to my countrymen: 'I have seen the Australians. I have looked into their faces. I know that these men will fight alongside us again until the cause for which we are all fighting is safe for us and our children'."

*Clemenceau has left behind many memorable quotes including:
  • War is much too serious a matter to be entrusted to the military.
  • America is the only nation in history which miraculously has gone directly from barbarism to degeneration without the usual interval of civilization.
  • All that I know I learned after I was thirty.
PE Barry requests your input
Barry is keen to hear your views on how the club is running and any suggestions you have to assist him plan for his coming year as Club President.  Give him a call on 0419 969 551 or send him an email.


The Rotary Clubs of Applecross and South Perth-Burswood invite you to a morning Superbug Seminar to be held on Wednesday 8 May 2019 at 7:20am at the Crown Casino Atrium, Burswood.
Complete with a sumtuous BREAKFAST
Cost $25
For more information and to reserve your place please contact: Jan Teasdale at RC South Perth-Burswood or Ian Fairnie at RC Applecross on 0419 938 707.
Click on the button below for more information
For more information click here.
Liz is organising an Applecross Rotary Group booking.  Let Liz know if you are interested in attending.

Now more than bragging rights!

There will now be a mystery prize for the best tipper at the conclusion of every 4th round starting at this weeks fixtures. ie winning tips rounds 5 to 8; winning tips rounds 9 to 12 etc.  So if you would like to join the Applecross Rotary League click here to send me an email and I will send you an invitation to register.
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