On the 25 April at 6am, at the hour of the traditional ANZAC Day Dawn Service, we invite you to head to the end of your driveway, gate or balcony, tune in to ABC Radio, 6PR, 96FM or 6IX, and stand united but apart to remember the fallen, those who served and those who continue to serve.

Lest we forget!

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President's Message
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PRESIDENT BARRY opened the Zoom meeting with 22 members and two guests. – Kevin Samsone from Toastmasters International and guest speaker Morgan Solomon. 
Barry commented that when he was looking around the WHO website he noticed that one of its biggest financial supporters was Rotary International. 


John Henderson reported that Helen is improving in mind body and spirit, while Kenn Williams commented that Mal Taylor is making slow progress. 
Chris Whelan asked members to complete the short survey on Rotary Down Under sent out recently, and Ray Philp confirmed that Greenbatch is also collecting other goods such as unusable mobile phones as part of its environmental responsibility charter. 
Ian Fairnie invites members to visit the following website and consider checking out some of the classes on offer, including Music Appreciation that our late friend Ray Wales bequeathed him: 


Birthdays: Jarrad Hall (24 April) and Ron Bower (26 April), and Ron and Lorna are also celebrating a wedding anniversary (27 April). 
John  Henderson is very happy Helen is getting better every day. 
Hamish Turner is very happy being isolated with Chris in Kalbarri, while Kenn Williams is very happy to record ZERO new cases of COVID-19 in WA. 
Peter McEwen paid up to celebrate Bernard Pang’s continued presence on MasterChef, while Max Cunnington is wondering if he is a jinx: Ansett went into receivership in 2002 and he lost his tickets for a Barramundi fishing holiday, and now Virgin is doing the same when he has paid for seats to the Montebello Islands for another fishing trip! 
 Tom Atkinson posted a pictorial paternity test he had taken on Harry.  Looks OK Tom!  Congratulations and pay up!  We also enjoyed seeing you and your daughter enjoying your breakfast together.  Very nice. 
Wills and Estates
WILLS AND ESTATES was the topic for this week’s presentation by Morgan Solomon, a founding partner of law firm Solomon Hollett. Last week’s Applecross Advocate had a comprehensive presentation by Morgan, so this week we’ll just summarise. 
The essential parts of any estate planning are 
  • Your Will 
  • Enduring Power of Attorney 
  • Enduring Power of Guardianship 
  • Binding Death Benefit Nomination (very important for superannuation) 
  • Advance Health Directive (aka Turning off the machine!) 
Why do I need a will? 
  • Choice of who benefits from your estate (and who doesn’t) 
  • Choice of executor 
  • Clarification of funeral and burial wishes 
  • Saves complications, delays and costs 
  • Consider the alternative…the chaos you leave behind 
Some common myths: 
  • “I don’t need a Will because my spouse will simply receive everything anyway”. 
  • “I can just tell my family what I want now, and they will follow my wishes.” 
  • “If my estate can be challenged, there’s no point making a Will at all.” 
  • “My executor can decide who receives my estate.” 
  • “All my Assets are covered by my Will.” 
  • “It’s easy and inexpensive to make a DIY Will.” 
Important considerations include 
  • What do I have, and where is it? 
  • If I have loaned money to someone, do I want to forgive the loan or should it be repaid to my estate? 
  • Who will be my executor? What if they can’t do the job? 
  • Who do I have to provide for, and who do I want to provide for? 
  • Is there anyone I don’t want to benefit from my estate? 
  • What if my intended beneficiaries die before me? 
  • Do I have specific wishes about my funeral, burial or cremation? 
  • Do I have overseas assets? 
  • What about my stepchildren /de facto spouse/ grandchildren? 
  • What happens to my Super and Life insurance? 
  • What happens to my Family Trust? 
  • Do I have at risk or special needs beneficiaries? 
  • Should I have a Testamentary Trust in my Will? 

The last say, from Morgan Solomon: 
I hope you enjoyed the presentation (We did, it was excellent thanks).  
If any of your members are interested, I have produced some very comprehensive guides that are available for free download on my website, here: 

These go into much more detail and talk about many of the things I was speaking on today. 
And naturally, if any of your members had any queries at all, big or small, they must feel free to contact me 
Kind regards 
Morgan Solomon    Director 
Ph (08) 6244 0985    Mob 0487 700 556 
Level 3, 33 Richardson Street, West Perth, Western Australia  6005 

Thanks South Bunbury Rotary for sharing this great idea to help make your ANZAC Dawn Service extra special.
You will need;
  1. 2 litre plastic milk carton or bigger if you wish
  2. Scissors or Stanley knife
  3. Sand or gravel or small stones
  4. Permanent markers to decorate
  5. Candle or LED light
1. Take the lid off the milk carton and discard.  Leave the handle and top in place for wind protection and carrying.
2. On one side of the carton,  about 5cms from the bottom of the carton- make  an incision that resembles a door  (about 8 cm x 10 cms( vertical)  x 8 cms).  Big enough for a small hand to place the candle inside.
3. Put some sand in the bottom. The sand will act like a weight but also if using wax candles- the wax can fall on it  so as not to have a fire!  Alteranatively you can have a LED light.
4.  Decorate the milk carton with ANZAC symbols – see below
As scientists work to find a vaccine for the new coronavirus, we can do our part to keep our communities healthy by helping Rotary spread the word about the importance of vaccinations during World Immunization Week, 24-30 April.

There is no need for special equipment or knowledge in order to connect to Zoom video conferencing.  You can use your home computer, laptop, Ipad etc.  If you would like to join us next Tuesday the meeting ID and password will be emailed with the meeting invitation.  Let me know if you would like to test your connection or would like some assistance before Tuesday's online meeting.  Text or call (0408 937 373) or email ( Ray Philp to make a time for a test or for any questions you have. 

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Camp Quality Update
Camp Quality Update

Nadine is a passionate advocate of the NFP sector and everything it stands for, Nadine has been state manager since July 2018 and previously worked for the charity as Fund Raising and Events Coordinator from May 2012 to August 2015.  In between Nadine was the Fundraising Executive for Ronald McDonald House Charities Australia (Sept 2015 - May 2017) and State Manager - WA for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (May2017 - July 2018).

May 05, 2020 7:30 AM
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Please keep collecting items so when we return to our first normal meeting we will have a much needed donation for Foodbank.
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