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I hope everyone has had a great weekend.

I had a bit of a mixed bag, as unfortunately my beloved Winnacott Eagles lost on the weekend, followed by a the yr10  team the next day, that us as an Amateur club have been mentoring. I was lucky enough to attend the dockers game with my dad which certainly was a highlight. 

Just wanted to personally commend Elizabeth and Nik for their efforts on the speed dating night. From what I’ve heard was a great success and there was even a few matches! Hoping Nik of Elizabeth can attend tomorrow to explain more and give more of a rundown. But again, great job both of you! 

Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow hope everyone has a great night. 


AG Kenn's Musings

Last week I put in a piece about Regionalisation, and how important it is for a YES vote to support the Pilot Project in Rotary Zone 8 for the period 2023-26.
Chris W had mentioned in his introduction to Regionalisation a couple of weeks ago some disturbing facts re Rotary International, and Membership numbers.
In the past 10 years, our world Rotary membership had remained static at around 1.2 million members BUT 1.4 mil had both joined and left our volunteer army in that time!
On a regional basis, Zone 8 Rotary has the following statistics:
Rotarians …           24,042 
Rotaractors ….      889.               Total membership; 24,931
Rotary Clubs ….    1022
Rotaract Clubs …. 69.                 Total Clubs: 1091
Of which: 31% of Rotary members are female, those under 40 yrs, 4.2%, over 60, 48%
(Rotaract not included)
Average Club size:      Rotary,  23 members,   Rotaract,    12 members.
As I understand, the membership decline has been quite significant in our 2 WA Zones, and hence the need for us to ReDistrict into Rotary WA, District 9423.
This takes place from 1st July, next year…. A fait accompli!

I recently visited Carnarvon (Ray Philp) and saw this amazing promotion of Rotary only to find out the club had folded a few years ago.  Maybe we need to look at these regional towns where Rotary was very active, to explore how we can support a renewed Rotary presence by understanding the changing needs to attract new members.

Follow up from guest speaker presentation
Last week's speaker, Darren Reynolds from Destiny Rescue Australia, gave a very confronting presentation on "their mission to rescue children from sexual exploitation and human trafficking and help them stay free". Following Darren's presentation we have a motion for the next board meeting to donate $1800 to help fund a child recue.
Darren has also followed up with the following message to Peter McEwen.
"Hi Peter,
Thanks again for the fabulous opportunity to come and share with your club yesterday morning.  I was made to feel welcome from the moment I arrived until the moment I left.  Your club members engaged beautifully with a difficult subject to hear about and I know many were deeply touched as they thought about their own children and grand-children. 
As a follow-up to the presentation, I just wanted to give you the latest figures on our rescues.
Our last published update shows that we are sitting on 2,038 rescues for the year.  This is 817 rescues ahead of the same time last year so we’re very excited about setting another record this year as we head towards our goal of 3,080 rescues for 2022.
In the last three reporting weeks, we rescued 75 individuals in the Dominican Republic, 70 individuals in Thailand, 49 in Nepal, 26 in Cambodia, 21 in Uganda and 11 in undisclosed locations (areas we work which can’t make public).  Most of the rescues from Thailand were liberated from labour trafficking which has led to a higher than usual amount of males being rescued (198 Females, 55 Males across all project nations).  It was unusual too in that, given our focus on rescuing children, we had 71 that were under 18, 120 that were young adults and 42 that were 25 years old and over.
So far this year we have conducted 79 raids, had 8 establishments closed down and 109 persons have been arrested as a result of our work.
And I’m pleased to announce that we have just crossed a significant milestone!  With the latest figures coming through we can confirm that we have achieved more than 10,000 rescues since 2011!!!
Please feel free to share these figures with your club members if you see fit and feel free to celebrate the 10,000 milestone with us!!
As mentioned, we would love any club members who are interesting supporting our work to become Rescue Partners and would also appreciate any contribution that the club could make.  Having said that, we are grateful for any chance to share about our work, and it was privilege to have that opportunity with your club.  We so honour the work that your club does in our community and beyond." 

This is a unique opportunity to attend a Rotary International Convention.  As Chris Whelan pointed out the "RI convention comes to Australia once in an adult life". The event runs from the 27th of May to 30th May 2023. Chris has shared his plans based on arriving 26 May and departing 30 May as follows:
Costs?…(no liability):
  • Registration: $690.
  • Air fares at present $ 680 return
  • Accommodation… up to you
  • Snacks included at lunch. Other meals on your own account. 
  • Thousands of new friends to enjoy. Inspiration at every corner.
  • For any of you who are not aware; this is a great event.

Just do it!

And Ian Fairnie also added "Helen and I attended the RI Convention in Bangkok in 2012 and it was one of the best experiences we have had (still is) so I personally recommend it".
For more details and to register:
Click here for convention video

Easiest way to find contact details for other members and to check-out club event details.  Ray Philp is available if you need to assistance to set up. 
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