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Very pleased to have Bob talk about men's sheds and their therapeutic effect. I have spoken to Christine Young at City of Melville who tells me talks are progressing with MS WA and they are favouring a site in Bullcreek. I will keep members informed as to whether the club might be involved. I would draw to the attention of members of the "logo" of our RI president, Rotary Connects. That is exactly what Rotarians can do in considering One Health as a connection between human, animal and environmental health. More of this soon.

Meeting Notes for 23 July

Welcome to Fremantle Rotarian
Bob Coventry, wearing his Men’s Shed hat today, and our Germany-bound Rotary Exchange Student Connor Ovens.  Probably the last time we’ll need to introduce Connor!  We’ll be seeing a lot more of him before he leaves in mid-January.
Ray Wales spent time in two hospitals last week before returning to his new home at Regents Gardens in time for a visit from John and Helen Henderson.  Ray is really happy that Steve Perry is planning to house-sit his home in Strome Rd from the end of the month.  (Steve recently celebrated 18 years as a member of our Club.)  Murdoch University is hosting an event next month in its new Art Gallery to honour Ray’s many years of service to that university.
Ray Philp reminded members
to pay their annual
subscriptions ($280) into the
Admin Account (-3750),
and also gave a quick update on the Rotaract Forum he and Suresh attended last weekend.  The Forum started with a group activity (pizza makng).  The photo are the results of Suresh and Ray's 'efforts'.
Lesley Combes for her Rotary anniversary (11 years) and also winning the wine thanks to Mal Taylor’s expert tossing, Doug Telfer for a birthday, Barry and Margaret Mendelawitz and Chris and Helen Dawson celebrating wedding anniversaries, and from Lorri  Brazier for work starting on her new home even though she has had to cough up an extra $3500 for more earthworks when an old septic tank was discovered!  Kenn Williams is off to London, Helsinki and Moscow during the next four weeks.  Newest member Chris Caithness paid up to recommend we collect a Departure Tax when members leave and an Arrival tax when they get back for a trip.

Guest Speaker - Bob Coventry


“I’d be dead without the Shed!”

Bob is obviously very comfortable speaking about his work with Men’s Shed WA. 
He is a true believer in the benefits to the mostly male members, in terms of the improved physical and mental health outcomes, and proud that the Men’s Shed movement is one of the few organisations in the world that is growing rapidly, so fast in fact that numbers are being capped.
There are currently 186 Men’s Sheds in WA (MSWA), and they are ‘everywhere’.  They are organised in 10 zones, and, unlike Rotary, there is a peak national body that can engage with the Federal government, in particular the Department of Veterans Affairs.
Bob is a veteran himself, 42 years in the army as a signaler, 22 of which were as a full time soldier.  He served in Vietnam and his ambivalence towards the RSL stems from his service in Vietnam.  The RSL is very supportive of MSWA, as are Soldier On and the recently created Soldiers and Sirens, which includes emergency service workers.
One of his main projects is encouraging other veterans to join Men’s Sheds, which has meant that the average age in coming down, and some Sheds are opening up for more hours than just 9am-3pm, Monday-Friday.
Each Shed is autonomous, and set their own fees.  The two that Bob is involved with are supported by Attadale Rotary and Fremantle Rotary, and understand that men have a need to get together to “do stuff”.  As one member said to Bob, “I’d be dead without the Shed!”
FOOTNOTE: For some years now Applecross Rotary has been trying to work with the Melville City Council to set up another Men’s Shed (the only one in Melville is in Bicton) but efforts have been stymied by a Council shy of ratepayer complaints.  The last one we thought was going ahead was shelved after complaints from would-be neighbours.  Must be fear of all those noisy late night parties and vehicles hooning around the street!  You let one Men’s Shed in and the next thing you know there’ll be a Wave Park!



Come for as long as you like, gloves and tools provided. 
INVITE YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS, children welcome and sausage sizzle lunch provided.
Date:     Sunday, 28th July
Time: 9.00 am until noon
Where: Meet at opposite 84 Aldridge Road, Booragoon (refer above map). 
Registration not required.
Please wear suitable clothing long-sleeved shirt, long pants, enclosed shoes, hat.  Bring raincoat if inclement weather.

This Thursday July Fellowship Sundowner

Thursday 25th July
5:30 - 7:00pm
Chris and Hamish Turner's home
NG08 Raffles
71 Canning Beach Road
Parking Options:
1.Along Canning Beach Road which is free and will be a walk of 70 meters.
2.Tivoli Parking area in Canning Beach Road. (metered)
3.Canning Beach Road under the Flame trees which line the road and this is metered.
The West Gate – which is on Canning Beach Road and I will meet you as it is a secured complex.
Would help if the majority of members arrived about the same time as this then reduces the number of times I run in / out.
Late comers.
Give Hamish a call on 9364-8701 or mobile 0420 855 500
RI President Mark Daniel Maloney’s theme for 2019-20, Rotary Connects the World, asks Rotarians to strengthen the many ways that Rotary Connects the World, building the connections that allow talented, thoughtful, and generous people to unite and take meaningful action through Rotary service.
Meeting Duties 30th July
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