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Welcome back to guest speaker Peter Symons who promised us he’d be back to talk about Drugs in Sport after a brief cameo at the Melbourne Cup breakfast last year.
Welcome Joe Marrable, guest of Helen Jones, visiting to hear Peter speak.
Bruce James is moving closer to Applecross.  PDG Bruce is in Attadale Rehabilitation Hospital, visiting hours are 3pm to 8pm, so he can spend the morning strengthening his muscles.  Visitors very welcome says Helen.
We had all three of our newest members at our meeting this morning, great to see you all again, and Peter and Max and their partners will be coming to Thursday’s Sundowner at the Mendelawitz residence.  Tom will probably have to stay home and babysit their two year old daughter.
Next week’s speaker is Jane Cornes from Starrick, who will be bringing us news of their progress in caring and rehoming women and children who have fled domestic violence.  Logan Duncan-Smith and Tom Atkinson will be on the welcome desk, Mal Taylor will  be hosting the speaker, and John Hosking will be doing the set up.
Speaking of which, two of the last people to leave this morning had stayed behind to convert a Bunnings flatpack into a storage cupboard for our Club paraphernalia.  Thanks Ray Philp and Kenn Williams!
We already have next year’s speaker program taking shape, with Kay and John Eva from RC Swan Districts talking to us about sleeping bags that have been made by a NFP in Cambodia, on 2 July.  The bags are imported here for Clubs to buy and donate to one of the charities supporting homeless people in Perth.  I’ picked up 10 bags from Kay Eva after this morning's meeting (photo), which were all snapped up before I could get them home!  The $500 will be donated to RAWCS via Applecross Rotary at our first meeting in July.


Liz Palmer reminded members to book into the Changeover Dinner – further information on the Invitation in this week’s AA.


Tim Inglis already has a lot to be happy about having completed his first half-marathon in the recent Run for a Reason (and he’s aiming to run 1000km by the end of the year).Then he won today’s door prize!We raised $18.75 in Happy Dollars, and $14.45 in the Silver Teapot for a May total of $35.15.


Peter is a veterinarian, brought up in a horse-loving dairy industry family in Bendigo Victoria.
Peter is also a keen and competitive sportsman, and was once in contention for Olympic selection in water polo before a brain aneurism put a stop to those plans.
He came to WA initially to teach at Muresk in the Equine Stud Management course, and he later became a member of the WA Turf Club Veterinary Panel of stewards. Perhaps they had heard that his father had once a runner in the Melbourne Cup.
Peter was invited to join the Drug Detection panel for the Sydney Olympics and this provoked some comment in the sports media – a vet overseeing the performance of human athletes. 
His quick response was that humans had been trying to increase their odds of making money by doping racehorses for many years,.  Now that there was big money in human athletic performance, it was only logical that performance enhancing (or limiting) drugs would become part of the “bigger picture” at the Olympics, and other sports events where we are being continually encouraged to gamble responsibly!
Vets first noticed organised efforts to improve the results of horseracing with the use of “Speedballs” pushed down the mouth of horses just before they raced.  To detect this, saliva swabs were taken from the winning horse’s mouth and wiped on frogs.  Because the cocktail in the speedballs included heroin, strychnine and caffeine, the rapid change of behaviour in the frogs was taken to indicate that the horse had not raced on its merits!  Fortunately drug detection is more sophisticated now as animal welfare considerations would no longer allow frogs or other living animals to be used in this way.
The financial incentives to interfere with the performance of human athletes didn’t get going until the 1960s when serious money became part of the game.  The answer to the question of why is doping common in cycling and not field hockey, why in cross country skiing and not marathons, is explained by the presence of mountains in the former versus flat fields and roads in the latter sports.  You need extra help to conquer those mountains!
The excuses given by those caught or who confess include the oldest schoolboy defence – well Sir, everyone else was doing it so I wanted to compete on a level playing field, and smooth away those mountains!  Other possible reason is a desire to be Livin’ the Dream.
The current doping methods include the use of endogenous drugs – using or enhancing naturally occurring hormones in the human body, like growth hormone or testosterone.  Erythropoietin, or EPO, is a naturally occurring hormone secreted by the kidney to stimulate red blood cell production, so increasing the level of EPO will increase the number of red blood cells and oxygen carrying capacity of the athlete’s blood before an event requiring increased muscle function.

To register for the changeover event click the following button.

Congratulations Attadale Rotary Club on your 'Music in the Air' concert.

"Oh what a night it was, it truly was!"

‘Music in the Air’, a concert to benefit the Royal Flying Doctor Service, WA is over for this year, but we are sure it will be back in the future.

A wonderful attendance of around 450 filled the Auditorium at the Mt Pleasant College to hear the amazing South Side Symphony Orchestra and the incredible violin soloist Isabelle Chen and her equally incredible twin brother Joshua Chen on piano. Check out the Facebook post ...

Invitation from RC Kenwick

Rotary Club of Kenwick extends an invitation to our club to join them to hear from Lorraine and Anil Francis, Directors of the Mukti Mission in India.  Click here to download the flyer.
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Reminder - May Fellowship Sundowner at Margaret and Barry Mendelawitz home tomorrow Thursday 30 May at 5.30pm.

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TAYLOR, Malcolm
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Welcome Desk
Jun 04, 2019 7:30 AM
Progress report in caring and re-homing woman and children who have fled domestic violence.
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Thanks to all those who are able to assist as shown in the 'Art Show and Sale' roster. There are still gaps on Sunday evening when we need to hang some 400 paintings on 36 panels. Artists ave to 10th June to enter and sales will be from 17th to 23rd June. Tell your family members and friends. Please share information on the facebook link.
John Richards has extended an invitation to Applecross Rotary members to consider this immersion next year.  
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