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PRESIDENT BARRY declared the 2019 Rotary Jacaranda Festival “fabulous”, before again welcoming visiting Rotarian Roger Painter (RC Cowichan, Canada) to our meeting. 
Roger was our tosser of the day, and the red wine was taken home by Peter McEwen.
Chris Whelan then hosted a series of presentations related to the recent JacFest.  The Give Back vote was won by Starick Industries for its work supporting women and children seeking refuge from domestic violence.  There were five choices and Starick received 51% of the votes, a resounding win, which means Applecross Rotary will provide an additional $650 in support to Starick this year.  Karina Mitchell won the first prize of a $150 gift voucher from the Good Grocer, and promptly donated it to Starick!  Delphine de Balbino won $100 of vouchers from the Good Grocer and Pharmacy 777, as second prize. 
Our stall holders also donated various items and gift certificates to a total value of $1350, which were made into hampers, and these were won by Michael Watts and David Parlevliet.
How Australians can reduce antibiotic resistance
Joint statement from Australia’s Chief Veterinary Officer and Chief Medical Officer on how Australians can reduce antibiotic resistance

Easy steps that prevent infections in people:

  • Keep vaccinations up-to-date for yourself and your family
  • Regularly wash your hands
  • Cough or sneeze into a tissue or your elbow
  • Prepare food hygienically. Wash fruits and vegetables prior to eating, and cook food properly
  • Limit close contact with others when you are sick
  • Practise safe sex

And to prevent infections in animals:

  • Keep their vaccinations up-to-date
  • Use good biosecurity, on-farm hygiene and animal welfare practices
  • Provide appropriate nutrition and clean housing
  • If your animal is sick, separate it from other animals and consult your veterinarian

It’s important to know that not all sick people and animals need antibiotics.

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GUEST SPEAKER - Tom Atkinson
Tom grew up in Shelley with a Rotarian, his Dad, who had a pharmacy in Armadale.  Tom studied Commerce at Curtin University but his main friendship group was formed while he was a student at All Saints’ College.  He is now a part-time student at UWA studying politics, ethics and philosophy.
After finishing at Curtin, Tom became the business manager for his father’s pharmacy, and gained Board experience with Armadale Home Help.
Tom loves Australian Rules Football and it seems he is well regarded having been appointed league coach of the new Winnacott Eagles.  He has done his time in club administration, having become president of the Brentwood Booragoon Football Club at 23, and he is currently the president of the Brentwood Karoonda Sports Association.
So it’s probably just as well his day job is with the WA Football Commission.  He works with the Community Football division, and his territory takes in Fremantle (south of the Swan and Canning Rivers), and the Peel region.  He services 60 clubs – 40 junior and 20 senior – with 110,000 participants.  His job is to work with the 60 clubs in governance, stakeholder management, dispute resolution, and community support development.
The fastest growing area is in participation by women at all levels of football.
Tom is enjoying being a member of Applecross Rotary and loved being part of Jacaranda festival – “It’s exactly the reason I wanted to be a Rotarian” he told us.  “I want to be part of the solution, the person who stands up and says, something needs to be done, so let’s get to work!”
Tom at Jacfest with his wife Bridget, and 2yo daughter Emily.  Their second child is due in February.
Before seeking donations from members and guests, JacFest Director Kenn Williams provided a summary of the day, while Chris Whelan and Ray Philp provided some stats.  Kenn reminded members and guests this was the 19th anniversary of JacFest and that we need to make a special effort to recognise the 20th anniversary next year. 
Kenn seen here flanked by President Barry, and Rotarian Chris Caithness, and George Mavros (who was president when the first JacFest was held in 2000).  And seated is one of the founding members of JacFest, retired Rotarian Bob Hollingsworth (with his wife), who first recommended Applecross Rotary hold an annual community festival, back in 1999.
The summary of the summary?  Much better than in recent years in every regard, and the weather was superb.  The stallholders were happy, the entertainment was great, and we helped create 21 pages of advertising in the local paper, as well as great coverage on radio and TV.
The money collected through the spinners was a record, we ran out of maps by 1.00pm and the Primary School car park was full by 9.45am.  This caused a few grumbles and featured in the 1% negative comments from the more than 200 people who provided formal feedback.
We logged nearly 800 hours of volunteer service by 130+ volunteers, with 410 hours provided by Applecross Rotary members and friends.   Waylen Bay Sea Scouts logged 165 hours.  Applecross Senior High School students and parents, Rotary E-Club and Attadale Rotary also put in significant hours helping make this year’s Rotary Jacaranda Festival the best in recent memory.
And so to Happy Dollars, and Chris Whelan expressed his happiness that when the shopping cart he was using to take all the spinners’ coins (minus a donated watch battery) to the bank, hit a rut in the footpath and capsised, none of the coin bags ruptured.
Visiting Rotarian Roger Painter celebrated 42 years of marriage, while Ron Bower celebrated Andrew’s marriage on Sunday.  MC Chris Dawson thought members who are Wespac customers should be happy their CEO quit this morning with only a $2.7m severance.
KATE says a BIG SHOUT OUT for DELISH ICE who supplied our many volunteers with feebies throughout the day at the RJF.
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Applecross Rotary is a  ShelterBox Bronze Champion for 2018-2019.  Out of over 1100 clubs in Australia Applecross Rotary is among an elite group that are dedicated to ensuring families in disaster have shelter in their time of need.
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