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Hope everyone has had a good week, and enjoyed their weekends.

Sunday I spent sometime on a zoom as part of the Jennifer Jones initiative around assisting clubs with how to get their message out through stories. Picked up some great tips.

Sunday also saw the Melville City Rotaract have their monthly meeting, and all are excited about the upcoming speed dating night. Stay tuned! 

Had the monthly district presidents meeting last week as well, which is driven by Kenn. Keep your ears out as there are some great events and projects coming up from our neighbouring clubs, that might be of interest to you.

I’ve said it quite a bit lately but the Melville Cockburn chamber of commerce event is coming up and would love to have a big turn out to it. Sept 28th at Heathcote.

Wishing everyone a great week! 



Chris Whelan last week gave an overview on the RI Pilot Project of Regionalisation to cover Rotary Districts in Australia, NZ and the Pacific region, known as Zone 8. He highlighted the critical problems facing our Rotary world today, and the absolute necessity of making better decisions for our future.
Our Zone 8 must approve participation in a 3 year pilot project to develop, test and evaluate a new regional approach to supporting and governing Rotary and Rotaract Clubs. This will commence from July, 2023.
However, this can only proceed if a 2/3rd majority of Clubs and Districts support the process.
A YES vote will allow this to progress… a NO vote will consign us, as I see it, to struggling for relevance in a changing world. Club Presidents will  vote on behalf of their Club, but it is essential that Club members get involved in the decision making. We must cast our Club vote in the week commencing the 22nd of Sept, so if you have any questions, or comments, let Logan, Chris or I know.

2. Melville Cockburn Chamber of Commerce (MCCC) Business After Hours

As a Member of the MCCC, we are hosting this at Heathcote on Wednesday, 28th of September and Erin Madeley (Perth Makers Market) will join with us. The theme is “the benefits for your business of working with Rotary”, and we will be showcasing Applecross Rotary's good deeds of giving back to our community.
The Good Grocer will also contribute, as a Club Sponsor, and provide the snack lines for the 50 or so who we hope will attend. This will also be in lieu of our regular Sundowner, so please make a note and hold the date for this event. Regular Sundowner times of 5.30-7pm.

The week's notes


Associate members Peta and John Edwards joined us at last week's breakfast meeting.  Following a request to Ian Fairnie to find a speaker who could explain the widespread publicity about 'Foot and Mouth Disease' and the risks, we were privileged to have Professor John Edwards as our guest speaker. 
Professor Edwards gave a very comprehensive presentation on the subject with the message that Australia is very well prepared with a well established plan with aim to eradicate and resume trade in shortest possible time (3-12 months depending on scale and strategy) by:
1. Initially stamping out supported by -
  • National livestock standstill
  • Creation of Control zone(s) in accordance with WOAH guidelines
  • Quarantine
  • Regional movement controls
  • Surveillance and Tracing
2. Depending on scale of the outbreak -
  • Vaccination (available in 1-2 weeks based on Vaccine Bank)
  • Pre-emptive culling
  • Zoning and compartmentalisation
  • Risk based movement controls
Professor Edwards concluded by saying there is no such thing as no risk, however Australia has been free of FMD for 150 years so we must be doing something right!  Also we have been free of other diseases with similar risk pathways eg. African swine fever and BSE. No live FMD susceptible animals are allowed to come Australia (highest risk) and import of meat and dairy products from high risk countries is highly restricted. 
There are other factors on our side however the challenge is to maintain the commitment and resourcing to prevention and response on a continuing basis. The widespread publicity on FMD in Indonesia in recent weeks, even though much of it is uninformed an unrelated to risk, are forcing governments, agricultural industries and the public to refocus on the risk and importance of strengthening biosecurity at all levels.
Follow up on Foot and Mouth Disease from Dr Ian Fairnie
Some members may have seen a recent TV story about the devastating floods in Pakistan.  A local women told viewers she had lost her house and her buffalo. 
Buffalo are a critical part of farming in Asia - a source a high protein/high fat milk, who are used to help sew the rice crop and thus provide food for the family.  This is all put at risk if Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) arrives around the time of sewing meaning the buffalo will be too sick to work in the rice paddies and probably stop giving milk too.
A major impact of FMD in Asia is on rice production.  People will starve unless FMD vaccination becomes widespread.  By contrast, FMD in Australia will cause a disruption to livestock exports, and a massive loss in foreign currency earnings for a relatively short time.


Kenn Williams contacted club supporter Brett Caithness, Director Complete Film Solutions (CFS), and we now will have 2 door magnetic signs at no charge.  Brent, Chris and their boys (except Connor) have moved to Busselton where they are expanding CFS to service the South West.  A huge thanks to Brent for his continued support.  So if you or your family and friends want window tinting, security and anti-graffiti filmdecorative filmvinyl signagecustom wallpaper and now also glazing services, of the highest quality check out the team at Complete Film Solutions in Booragoon and now Busselton.

Last Thursday's sundowner with a difference was held at Tomkins overlooking the Perth City and the Swan River in Melville. This was well attended with people staying on for a meal at the venue.  A reminder that the September sundowner will be a combined event with the club hosting the Melville Cockburn Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours. So lock in Wednesday 28th September for the usual time from 5:30pm.  The event will be held in the Mandoon Helena Building at Goolugatup Heathcote.


Rotary club members from RC Embakasi in Kenya, Applecross Rotary and RC Belmont in Australia, and RC Washington, Pa.  in the USA meet to discuss their next international project at Noonkopir Township Primary School in Kenya.

This is a unique opportunity to attend a Rotary International Convention.  As Chris Whelan pointed out the "RI convention comes to Australia once in an adult life". The event runs from the 27th of May to 30th May 2023. Chris has shared his plans based on arriving 26 May and departing 30 May as follows:
Costs?…(no liability):
  • Registration: $690.
  • Air fares at present $ 680 return
  • Accommodation… up to you
  • Snacks included at lunch. Other meals on your own account. 
  • Thousands of new friends to enjoy. Inspiration at every corner.
  • For any of you who are not aware; this is a great event.

Just do it!

And Ian Fairnie also added "Helen and I attended the RI Convention in Bangkok in 2012 and it was one of the best experiences we have had (still is) so I personally recommend it".
For more details and to register:
Click here for convention video

Easiest way to find contact details for other members and to check-out club event details.  Ray Philp is available if you need to assistance to set up. 
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JacFest 22 meeting is scheduled for this Tuesday after our club meeting. 
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Aug 30, 2022 7:30 AM
Destiny Rescue Australia
Destiny Rescue Australia

Destiny Rescue is an Australian-based NGO that started just over 20 years ago when Tony Kirwan, an electrician from the Sunshine Coast, was confronted with the reality of human trafficking whilst on a holiday in Thailand.  In the last ten years or so Destiny Rescue has rescued over 9,600 individuals, predominantly children, from slavery and exploitation.

Sep 06, 2022
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Sep 13, 2022
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