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PRESIDENT Barry welcomed members and announced that the Tokyo Olympics would have a new competitive sport, Toilet Roll Wrestling.  Shortly afterwards Bruce James took home the chocolates thanks to Jamie Kelly’s tossing. 


Clive Pearson has postponed the Pride of Workmanship Awards until he can get better media coverage. 

Hamish Turner announced the Rotary Art Show is confirmed for 15-21 June at Garden City and he will be organising the roster over the next month.  Bump in is the afternoon/evening of Sunday 14 June. 

Liz Palmer alerted members to two events: Dinner at Grill’d on Riseley St on Friday 20 March starting at 6.30pm AND the monthly Sundowner at Dany and Peter McEwen’s home in Collier St, on Thursday 26 March. 

Logan Duncan-Smith sang the praises of the 4-person Rotaract team that raised over $1200 for the RAWCS Bushfire Relief Fund at their recent Quiz Night. 


Birthdays: Ian Fairnie and Lorri Brazier 

Induction: Tim Inglis and Peter McEwen 


Monthly report from Connor Ovens:

2 months in  Connor  has tried ice skating with his friends 

Good news: I have made some very good friends at school and have been to some birthday parties with them already. The last few days are also the first time I’ve noticed an observable improvement in my German, which has been nice to see.  

Bad news: I’m very sick of the rain here I miss the Aussie sunshine a lot, I also have struggled a little with school as some of the days are very long (like till 5pm), but I don’t have too many of these long days and school has been good to meet people and improve the language   

Interesting news: This part of Germany is very surprisingly old fashioned in their use of technology. Students don’t use computers or iPads, all student paperwork is done manually and filed physically rather than digitally and just in general it seems some technology here is behind Perth in terms of how it has been embraced. This surprised me due to the expectation of Germany being such an efficient and organised country. 

Late update: Ian Fairnie advises Connor and his classmates have no school for the next five weeks, due to COVID-19.  His 'Euro Tour' with other RYE's has also been cancelled.

APOCALYPSE NOT YET - Tim Inglis is not scared of COVID-19!

A worst-case scenario in WA, based on events in China, is over just over 2500 positive cases, a few more than 500 people with something worse than a cold, and maybe 36 deaths, most of whom would have had pre-existing medical conditions.

To give some perspective, so far this northern winter in the USA there have been at least 32 million cases of influenza, 180,000 hospitalisations and 18,000 deaths. The figures would be similar and possibly greater in Europe and far greater in China. 

This happens each and every year.  

By the end of February there have been 105,000 cases of COVID-19 across the whole world. 

In other words, there has been a HUGE over-reaction. 

A case of Apocalypse NOT! 

If you want Apocalypse SOON, try AMR! 

Untreatable bloodstream infection (Sepsis) cause 2000 deaths per day world-wide according to President Barry.  Tim adds that even if you survive, your life expectancy is reduced, quite markedly in older people. 

Tim says part of the problem has been that until very recently no-one thought of sepsis as a malignant disease, caused by the misuse of antibiotics that changes the body’s microbiome, the millions of micro-organisms that live on your skin and in your gut.   

Every time you take antibiotics you change some of these.  Some die, but others become deadly bacterial superbugs, which carry genes that make them immune to modern medicine.  They then spread these genes to other bacteria and pass them from person to person, through animals, food and our environment. 

That’s why your Club has been campaigning for raised awareness and action on AMR under the banner of ONE HEALTH.  The panic caused by COVID-19 provides us with an opportunity of moving the urgency of action to focus on the thing that is surely going to kill someone you love. 

This week your Board decided to mount a campaign “Clean Hands in Applecross Village”, that part of Ardross St that hosts the JacFest once a year.  It will focus on the 10 retail food outlets and will hopefully generate some good media coverage for Applecross Rotary and AMR AWARE. 

Rotary Art Show: 14th - 21st June 2020
Our club once again will be hosting the Art Show at Garden City in conjunction with the Melville Rotary Club.
This is a really important event and a major contributor to our club’s fund raising program. From memory this ranks third in income generation,  behind the Jacaranda Festival and Perth Maker’s market.
The event is held over a full week (14th – 21st June)  and our input is over 5 days. It is an “ALL HANDS ON DECK”  activity.
I have attached the roster and I would ask you to register the day / time you are in a position to attend. Timing is flexible in that this event spans days so one is not restricted to any specific time. There are mornings / afternoons / evening sessions and parts of each Also weekends.
Would appreciate you giving thought to times you can spare – complete and return this form. I will be in attendance every day for most of each day.
Chris and I will be away from this Monday till end of March. I have asked Clive to print a copy and to circulate at each of the next couple of meetings. That way every member is covered.
Thanks in anticipation.

How about a night out at Grill'd?

Come and join other members on FRIDAY 20 March at 6:30pm.

RSVP: by Tuesday 17th March to Liz - email
Applecross Rotary will be on display from the 1st March for token votes to win the monthly first prize of $300 at 'Grill'd Applecross' (18 Riseley St).  Spread the word to your family and friends to vote for AxR when they receive a token for every burger they order.  At the end of the month $500 is splt between three community groups ($300 for first, $100 for 2nd and 3rd). 
We are delighted that the Rotary Club of Attadale has been asked to host the launch of Mike Greenslade’s book about ShelterBox titled ‘2020 VISION’.
Mike is the CEO of ShelterBox and previously was a commercial photographer. 
On his 23 deployments with ShelterBox he used his professional photography skills to record the disasters, the recovery, rebuilding and the resilience and fortitude of those affected. 
His words and photographs inspire us, particularly with tales of the triumph of the human spirit in the face of adversity.
Mike will be bringing all of his adventures to life with his presentation on the night.
This will be inspirational and will give us a really good appreciation of how ShelterBox is making a huge impact in the most challenging of times.
This is an occasion not to be missed and we would ask you to extend an invitation to your members, partners and friends to attend.
I am particularly hoping for strong support from our cluster clubs
Full details are on the attached poster.
Bookings can be made by Tuesday, March 31 at:
Please include the poster in your newsletters, on your social media and encourage your members to attend.
Copies of 2020 Vision will be on sale on the night at a cost of $50 and all funds raised from the sales will go to support ShelterBox.
We hope to see you on April 6.
Gail McCulloch
Rotary Club of Attadale
June Wade
ShelterBox Area Coordinator
and ShelterBox Chair for Rotary District 9465
It is with great sadnest we advise members that Rotarian Cecil Aaron died very peacefully this morning (Sunday 15 March). Our thoughts are with Elizabeth and family.  Further information will be available at Tuesday's meeting.

Two minutes of your time please to checkout how to use the club's DEFIBRILLATOR.

Please bring your donations along to our weekly meetings.
Meeting Duties 17th March
MAZZA, Noeleen
Welcome Desk
Welcome Desk
Mar 17, 2020 7:30 AM
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St Patricks Homeless Men's Refuge Fremantle
Mar 31, 2020 7:30 AM
Look what happens when Millennians take over a Rotary Club
Apr 07, 2020 7:30 AM
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Click here to download roster.  If you are not available for the rostered time please arrange for another member to take your place and advise either Chris Dawson or John Kelly.
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