GUEST SPEAKERS: Cran Collis and Chris Whelan
We had a very busy meeting last week.
Firstly Cran Collis gave a report on his recent trip to Kenya, visiting schools for kids with special needs, something Cran is an expert at both a teaching and leadership level.  The link to Kenya came from one of our favourite charities, Mama Respond, and Cran has come back with more ideas to work through with Erin Hegarty at Mama Respond.  Cran recently moved schools and is now leading a Special School in the far northern suburbs of Perth, so we’ll be seeing him less often.  But he knows where home is, and is assured of a warm welcome whenever he feels like wagging school.
Missed Cran's presentation? click here
Secondly, Chris Whelan, Project Manager Extraordinaire, began the whole-of-club planning process for JacFest 24. Chris is the main reason other clubs nominated “Project Planning” as one of the top level skills possessed by Applecross Rotary.  The funds raised at the Annual Rotary Jacaranda Festival is one the reasons our club can fund local and international projects (another is donations from car parking at Perth Makers Market, Heathcote).
Chris gained the support of members present, for an increase in stall fees (approx. 10%), and infrastructure/administration (approx. 10%).  There will be a review of the planning on 9 April.
Missed Chris's presentation? click here

Applecross Advocate goes Global
The Rotary Club of Washington, Pennsylvania, joined Applecross Rotary is adding funds for projects like Mama Respond in Kenya.  One of the bonuses was a free subscription for the US club to the Applecross Advocate, and our recent report on Dr Joe’s presentation on Getting Fatter on Low fat Diets, got a very positive response.

In case you missed it, Dr Joe has put a copy of his talk on his Blog, Dr Joe Unhinged:

Clive Pearson, former engineer at Boeing HQ in Seattle, fined himself last week, for this:
The Boeing 737 Max was developed AFTER Clive left Boeing!

AG Kenn's  Musings
Upwards and Onwards!
  1. Rotary WA Action Day on Sat,13th of April approaches at a gallop, with plenty of information now promoting the event.  At The Rise, in Maylands, just off Guildford Rd, it commences with Walk for Mental Health .. LIFT THE LID, then back at The Rise for coffee and our promo on DELIVERING HOPE. This is an interactive display of Rotary Western Australia (RWA) core community support projects. After lunch there is a series of seminars promoting RWA and how we can best get our community engagement message out to the public. It will conclude with an International Dinner, for up to 200, with a great range of international cuisine on offer. Cost will be a low $55pp.
  2. Whilst the local Rotary clubs nearby to Maylands are being called on to provide the bulk of support, Applecross Rotary will be supporting with Ute/trailer/some of our assets, and we need 3 additional helpers on the day. Volunteers please! We will load up on Friday afternoon 2 x marquees, 3 x trestles and any chairs that we can muster. Sat morning we will aim for a 7am start for delivery and set up etc, with packout following the walk around 10.30, then the Delivering Hope display after 1 pm.  Hopefully we can get back on the road by 1.30/ 2pm at the latest.MORE DETAILS TO FOLLOW…. If you can spare the morning, or part thereof, that would be great.
  3. Rotary Community Group Zoom meetings will be held over the next couple of weeks, to involve club Presidents / Vic Presidents and others who may be interested. A lot to happen in this space over the next few weeks as we formalise the arrangements under the Regionalisation Pilot project, including the all important appointment of Rotary Community Leaders.  If you want to know more about the role please let me know and I can help with the understanding. It is envisaged to be a key role, and to a degree, takes over much of what the DG does.
  4. Well done to Melville 2 weeks ago with the social get-together at Tompkins Park. I envisage a lot more of this style of activity… working and ‘playing’ together, under the future Community Grouping’s model. Why not enjoy the broader RWA community and the fantastic work we do TOGETHER!
AG Kenn
Kenn Williams
0428 472619

RYE: Valentin's Update


9th to 16th June 2024

Both artists and potential buyers can find more information about the Rotary Art Show and Sale by visiting the following link:
Additionally, if you know of other artists who may be interested in participating in the sale, please feel free to share the link with them as well. 
local Art Critics Gordon Dunbar & Graeme Fardon at the 2023 event smiley

Rotary International Convention 2024 Singapore

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Mar 12, 2024 7:30 AM
How to make Social Media an Effective Marketing Tool.
How to make Social Media an Effective Marketing Tool.

Jarrad and his wife Linda have been involved in a number of projects involving Applecross Rotary as well as being keen attendees at our various social functions, when they are visiting Perth.

A little over a year ago he set out to explore the use of various social media platforms to help grow his business, which is based in Singapore.  He will talk to members and guests about his experience doing this, what he learned from the results, and what he would recommend about using social media for Small and Medium sized Enterprises - aka SMEs.

Mar 26, 2024 7:30 AM
Whale Sharks
Apr 02, 2024 7:30 AM
Melville Civic
Apr 09, 2024 7:30 AM
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