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Big thank you to Lorri for getting today’s venue organised.  We are staying for the rest of April and will evaluate a possible permanent shift in May, SO NEXT WEEK come back to the Dome at Deep Water Point again
  • Welcome Jim Truscott our guest speaker and Peter Mazza, Noeleen’s husband
  • Thank you to Helen Jones for demonstrating the Defibrillator, and encouraging members to update their First Aid training
  • Rotarian John Richards is opening up his next Philippines Justice Immersion tour in January to Rotary members
  • Steve Perry is attending his last Applecross Rotary meeting for quite a while.  He’ll be back in August and will plan on staying until Christmas.  He has sold his house so when he comes back he’ll be looking for some house sits.
  • Perth Makers’ Market was a great success with around $2600 in parking donations plus $350 from the spinner and drink sales
  • Next week we will host some teachers, parents and students from Telethon Speech and Hearing Institute to hear how the group enjoyed the Leadership program aboard the STS Leeuwin that we supported
  • Mark the meeting on 23 April as a must attend.  Please bring guests.  Honorary Member Dr Chris Back will reflect on his family visit to the opening of the Sir John Monash Centre at Villers-Bretonneux in northern France in April 2018, by the Governor General of Australia and the Prime Minister of France.  Chris’ wife Linda will be attending the meeting too.  Their younger son Justin was a former Rotary Exchange student to Belgium. 
  • Chris and Lee Whelan will be joining Applecross RSL for their Dawn Service at 5.45am on 25 April and would like other Applecross Rotary members to join them.  Chris describes the event as very local, very simple, and real.  Lots of locals turn up so where your Rotary shirts if you can.  There’s a hot breakfast afterwards.  Address is 96 Kintail Rd, close to Ardross St.
NEXT WEEK’S ROSTER: Peter McEwen will start his apprenticeship on the Welcome Desk with veteran John Henderson, while Logan Duncan-Smith will host the mob from Telethon Speech and Hearing Institute, and Gordon Dunbar will get another crack at setting up the meeting room..
Noeleen Mazza was happy to have celebrated another birthday yesterday and Bruce James is ready to celebrate Helen James’ big day next Monday.
Tony Haeusler is not sure how he got asked to show his happiness for being a Rotarian for 27 years last week and again today for 28 years!  President Ian described it as one of those Rotary mysteries.
Cross-town footy rivalry continues to boost the coffers with both Dockers and Eagles fans happy with the weekend.
Jim Truscott OAM is a civil engineer, climber and crisis practitioner. Throughout his 40-year career in strategic and operational environments he has held central leadership roles within multi-disciplinary teams over a diverse range of high-risk enterprises. He founded Truscott Crisis Leaders after the Sydney Olympics in 2000 growing it into international resilience consultancy now operating from 9 countries with clients in 44 countries. Prior to becoming a consultant Jim was the Operations Officer in the Special Air Service Regiment where he controlled very-short notice activities to protect Australia’s international interests.
Jim had a lot to tell us, and fortunately he dealt with this by sending two reports, which were circulated to all members on Monday.  They are well written and worth reading.
Jim has also published three books:
  • Dancing With The Tiger: The Art of Business Crisis Leadership (2012)
  • The Art of Crisis Leadership: Incident Management in the Digital Age (2015)
  • Snakes in the Jungle - Special Operations in War & Business (Zeus Publications, 2015)
Jim says Snakes in the Jungle contains the memoirs of a special operative in war and business. Operations in war time are all about crisis management. It is akin to a sales manual for merchant adventurers at the juxtaposition of military and economic warfare. Written in the same vein as ‘Sun Tzu Was a Sissy, The Real Art of War’ by Stanley Bing, it will be enjoyed by readers interested in autobiography, SAS, war, adventure and business. People like reading about human foibles in barracks and boardrooms. The first part is historical and biographical and the second part is philosophical. There are few books written by former SAS officers on history, war, adventure, family and business. 
In the Judeo-Christian tradition the snake is an evil idea, a sneak, a liar, one hundred percent bad but in China a Taipan is literally top class or big shot used for a senior business executive or entrepreneur. In my case Taipan was my clandestine guerrilla warfare name. Up until now few people knew this.
“When I first started writing about 15 years ago the memoirs were called Feral Major. The Military Secretary called me this when I was exiled in the Pilbara, and he wanted to know whether I still wore shoes to work. After some introspection I changed the title to Pushing the Boundaries based upon my ability to extend the rule books. Then for a long while it was called Instinct for Dissent, largely due to my ability to disobey lawful commands and survive the prospects of courts martials. Then came a light bulb moment, while prospering after 15 years in the bastardry of business and Screw-You University! “
Rotary in East Timor
Rotary Clubs have sponsored hundreds of projects in East Timor and in Jim’s opinion, one that has been very successful is East Timor Roofing
East Timor Roofing was established as a Rotary project in mid 2000 by Rotary Clubs of Doncaster 45%, Melbourne 45% and Lilydale 10%. The intent then and now is to provide training and opportunities for the people of Timor Leste to help them help themselves to greater sustainability as a nation and as a people.
From a start of “zero base” the operation is now a fully established incorporated limited liability Company in Timor Leste.
The project was allocated an old market site in Baucau by the original United Nations Administration and now has a large fully equipped factory on the site with machinery to roll flat steel coils into corrugated roofing iron, purlin section, wall frame stud and track, and guttering. Other roofing products manufactured are pre-fabricated roof trusses, as well as water tanks and more recently grain silos.
The factory has been expanded substantially since inception and has recently installed a new purlin rolling mill to produce lighter roof and wall frame sections to complement the existing product range and equipment.
East Timor Roofing has an East Timorese manager resident manager with the overall management of the operation overseen by a Board of Rotarians in Melbourne. All other staff are local East Timorese people trained in the various facets of factory operation and they are supported by an Australian experienced building expert.
Shortly the operation will be transferred to Dom Bosco who will continue to operate the facility for the benefit of the East Timorese communities.
The factory operates on a commercial basis but all surplus funds generated by the organization remain in Timor Leste for maintenance and expansion of the facility as well as supporting a variety of humanitarian projects identified from time to time.(Background stories provided by Jim can be found in Download Files in right hand column)
Another successful weekend's work at our CLUB PROJECT managing the parking at the Perth Makers Market:
  • Potential 3 new members for Rotary
  • Deposits
    • Spinner - $155
    • Drink Sales - $125
    • Parking Donations - $2390.85
  • Donations for supporting groups - $800
The Australian Rotary Health Autumn Update 2019 has now been published. It contains information on our supporters, researchers, and upcoming events.
You can find the publication online at this link: 
If you would like a hard copy, please contact our office on: (02) 8837 1900 or
Applecross RC League Footy Tipping (BRAGGING RIGHTS ONLY)
For more information click here.
Liz is organising an Applecross Rotary Group booking.  Let Liz know if you are interested in attending.
Meeting Duties 16 April 
DUNBAR, Gordon
Welcome Desk
Welcome Desk
McEWEN, Peter
Apr 16, 2019 8:50 AM
Their Experience
Apr 23, 2019 7:30 AM
Reflection on his family visit to opening of the Sir John Monash Centre at Villers-Bretonneux
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