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Hello Rotarians and Friends,
A wonderful week of collaboration for Applecross Rotary as we partnered with Melville Rotary to deliver another successful Rotary Art Show. This event provides both a strong public outlet for local artists, as well as a unique purchasing opportunity for local shoppers. Thank you to Hamish Turner who continues to lead this event for Applecross, as well as James Morris at Melville Rotary and Westfield Booragoon who continue to host the event. Next year will be the 50th anniversary of the Rotary Art Show. 
Applecross Rotary volunteers also partnered with Winnacott Football Club and Police Legacy to assist with "Bravo Day" in recognition of a former police officer and teammate who was lost in the line of duty. These partnerships are vital to the delivering of strong community events, with our team of volunteers able to value add in ways that other groups cannot, adding vibrancy and connectedness to our community.
Applecross Rotary is always seeking further collaboration opportunities. If you know of a local community group seeking assistance, please get in touch. 
Yours in Rotary,
Tom Atkinson
President 2023/24
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GUEST SPEAKER: Mike Greenslade, 'ShelterBox'
ShelterBox - what’s in a name?
What do you think of when you hear the word ShelterBox?
And do you think ShelterBox when you see this logo:
For those members who have been a Rotary member a while, ShelterBox was a Millennium project.  The original ShelterBox contained what a family might need to survive after a national disaster, be it a natural disaster such as an earthquake, flood, volcanic eruption, or man-made disasters such as we are currently witnessing in Gaza and Ukraine.  It contained a tent, cooking equipment, fire lighters, blankets, and water purification tablets.
Typically these ShelterBoxes were filled and stored in countries like Australia and the UK, awaiting a disaster somewhere else, when they would be dispatched to where they could help.  There have been over 300 disasters where recovery has been assisted by ShelterBox, since it was established 24 years ago.
There are no ‘typical' ShelterBoxes any more, and none are stored in Australia or the UK awaiting dispatch overseas.  The COVID pandemic played a part in this, severely interrupting shipments from Australia to where they needed to go, and also raising the shipping costs astronomically.  As well, some countries also questioned some of the standard contents, like a tent.  It seems that sometimes when displaced families started living in a tent they were reluctant to leave it for more permanent housing.  And the financial benefits for supplying the contents of the ShelterBox stayed with the manufacturers, whereas they could form part of the recovery process if the goods were supplied in the country being assisted after the disaster.
So ShelterKits were added to the menu and were more ‘made to order’ tailored to the circumstances, and could include solar lights (, and mosquito nets for example, with vouchers to buy other needed goods in country.  
These galvanised straps produced in the Phillipines, can be included in the ShelterKit and used to stabilise damaged buildings so they can be reoccupied.
So the name has stayed the same, as has the logo, but what it means and how it works have changed.  But the brand reputation is strong and very high, so that even when a country might state they will not accept help from other countries after a natural disaster, like Morocco and Türkiye (Turkey) have done, they allow ShelterBox in to help because of the way it has evolved to meet their needs.
Mike summarised the ShelterBox philosophy thus: By meeting the immediate shelter needs of families in the days, weeks and months following a disaster, keeping households together, reducing displacement and providing the skills and knowledge to build adequate shelter, we anticipate that our actions will contribute to recovery at the household, community and national level.

Kenn's Musings
Update on Sundowners … from last week.
For those who read my comments on the future of AxR Sundowners.. Advocate last week…..,  we plan to have a short session on this at our meeting tomorrow.
Feedback will be important to make sure that, if we are making changes, then it needs to consider how we can make the most of AxR’s underlying value offer to its members.
Our Social Committee can then take this on board to plan for changes.
Comments to date:
                * consider a late Sunday afternoon get-together at Tompkins Park, with dinner to follow as an option for those who want to stay on.
                * a really important function for newer members getting to know our club.
                * perhaps hold every second Sundowner at ie, Tompkins, with alternates at members homes. 
Pls come along and be prepared to join the discussion. Read last weeks Advocate for the full story.
Reducing the Cost of Annual Membership Fees.
Cited as one of the main reasons why Rotary loses so many members, particularly following the end of the Rotary year in June, is the ongoing Rotary fees charged ‘JUST for BEING A MEMBER’.
These fees are direct Rotary overhead expenses, going to both Rotary International and District, also Insurance and our monthly magazine.
One of our neighbouring clubs has slashed its annual Membership Fee for the coming year to just $60… yes $60!!
This has been done as an incentive to retain existing memberships, to reduce annual costs to members, and to help entice new members to join. ( they are also undertaking a major m/ship drive )
They are doing this charging a 5% Administrative fee against all funds raised,  and advising this to the public at all Community fundraising.
Currently, AxR offsets the annual Insurance cost ..  about $50/yr .. from our activities account. 
I think that it is time to dig a little deeper on the topic … reviews undertaken by clubs advising the public of a portion of funds raised going towards building a stronger Rotary, have not met with any unfavourable feedback.
What do you think?

Report 31-09.06.2024
As my Sister Amelie, who was on Exchange herself, just told me I only got three Month left here in Australia and therefore have to use my time as good as possible. 
I try my best, sister. :-D

Over the long weekend, I had the pleasure of going on a short camping trip to Dwellingup with my host family and friends.
The breathtaking landscape and dense forest were particularly captivating. We set up camp in a beautiful spot surrounded by towering trees and the sounds of nature, which provided a serene and peaceful environment. Spending time outdoors in nature was a wonderful change of pace, and the presence of many children added to the joy and energy of the trip. We played games, explored the area, and shared countless moments of laughter.
One of the highlights of the trip for me was a small bike ride I took through the forest trails.  The fresh air and scenic views made the ride truly enjoyable. It was exciting to navigate through the winding paths and discover hidden spots along the way. The sense of adventure was amazing, and it was a great way to connect with nature.
Additionally, I had the opportunity to put many of my scouting skills to use during the camping trip. From setting up a Hammock, building several campfires to cooking meals and organising activities, these skills proved to be invaluable. The experience not only reinforced my love for the outdoors once again but also highlighted the importance of being prepared and resourceful. 
Overall, the camping trip to Dwellingup was a fantastic experience filled with beautiful landscapes, fun activities, and quality time with friends and family. It was a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure, and I am grateful for the memories we created. This trip has definitely one of greatest I've done in Australia. 
Otherwise in school I’m now involved into the Scotch & PLC Play “School of Rock” where I’m helping with the Backstage. The show nights are all in the upcoming week and I’m excited for this. For a fun and joyful evening tickets are still available by clicking here. The actors have been practicing for the last term and are very proud of their final play. 
For Scouting, I've been on a Unit Management course, where I learned useful leadership and management skills. This course is required to bring me closer to my Kings Scout Award, the highest Achievement in the Venturer section for scouting in the Commonwealth. I'm looking forward to completing my last part which is a 3-4 Day adventurous journey in the upcoming holidays. 
However, I'm enjoying the great weather while playing Rugby, hanging out with my mates in and around Perth and my time with my Family here in Australia. 
Report 10-16.06.2024
The smell and the feeling of the river during a windy afternoon at Point Walter is the most magnificent experience that I’ve had in the last week. As I’m just living 15 minutes of walking away from the point, I finally used the opportunity and discovered the great scenery.
My passion for the water followed up on Monday when we went down to Cottesloe beach with the Inbound students to get a talk about microplastic and do a 30min beach Clean-Up where we found an unexpected high amount of rubbish.
"School of Rock" is a high-energy musical based on the 2003 film of the same name. It follows the story of Dewey Finn, a failed rock musician who poses as a substitute teacher at a prestigious prep school and turns his class of straight-A students into a rock band. The show features impressive performances by actors from year 9 to 12 who some play their own instruments live on stage. With themes of self-discovery, rebellion, and the transformative power of music, it delivers an electrifying and heart-warming theatrical experience. 
Dealing with technology, the cast and other lovely Australian mates was my task for the week. As I’ve been completely involved into Scotch’s Musical “School of Rock” as part of the Backstage Key-Roadie Crew I met new great people and formed new friendships.
As Part of our work, we practiced the scene changes, set the light, added and built props for the setting to make the whole stage help to visual the emotions of the actors, with the assistance of Teacher, Staff and professional Operators.
Throughout the week we had six performances, one on Wednesday and Thursday and two on Friday and Saturday, each 3.5 hours long. In all the shows we had a brilliant audience which made it so much more fun. It was another outstanding opportunity to get involved with new people and learn new skills.

Otherwise, I’ve been doing Push-Ups all week long to raise awareness for Men’s Mental Health.
The Push-Up Challenge is a mental health and fitness event focused on pushing for better mental health for all Australians. Participants complete 3,249 push-ups or alternative exercises over 24 days, representing the 3,249 lives lost to suicide in Australia in 2022. Scotch is highly involved into the program and so am I.
As Men’s Mental Health is a big issue in the world I would highly appreciate, if we could support and make a difference here in Australia. So far there have been 139,325,189 Push-Ups banked and over 8.5 million Dollars donated for good.
Thank you for your contribution and see you on Tuesday.

Busy week ...
1. Rotary Art Show & Sale
The 49th Annual event has successfully concluded and now it is time to start planning for the 50th event in 2025.  This is a significant milestone and with our partners Melville Rotary now is the time to start discussing how best to celebrate this achievement in 2025.
The event provides a significant platform for artists to exhibit their works in a high traffic area provided at Westfield Booragoon Shopping Centre. This is a great collaborative effort by Melville and Applecross Rotarians, family and friends who provide their invaluable time ensuring the event's success.  We are also very appreciative for the support of our sponsors Prime Packaging and JTMi Services.
Check out the video put together during setup by clicking here.
Senator Dean Smith accompanied by Melville and Applecross Rotarians visited the Art Show
2. Parking assist duties at the Winnacott Eagles Football Club BRAVO Memorial Round
PP Logan Duncan-Smith, who is also President of the Winnacott Eagles FC, extends his thanks to the club members who were able to assist with the VIP parking management on Saturday.  This special event remembers one of their players Constable Anthony Woods (Bravo) who was tragically killed in June 2023 whilst on duty and raises funds for Police Legacy. 
Logan with 'Bravos' retired jumper
Marianne and Kenn checking out the proceedings
At least Chris D is still on the job!wink


Round 14 WINNER -  Ian Fairnie smiley




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