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It was very pleasing to see such a good turnout at this week’s meeting, to welcome guests and particularly to share the presentation of a Paul Harris Fellowship to Tim Inglis.
I reported my attendance as an observer at an intensive workshop in digital communication with a group of Curtin University students learning to create podcasts. AMRAware Inc is acting as a “client” for this group to create podcasts suitable to be part of a campaign of awareness and information on this global health threat. Much of the language of digital communication is beyond me but I will report back when the exercise is concluded, I did take away the terms “spreadability” and “drillability” and members are welcome to use these words in everyday conversations if they so choose.
One Health Rotary Applecross held its first meeting last week and there is consensus that the Jacaranda Festival will provide an opportunity to demonstrate one health to the community, especially in the areas of food handling and consumption and aspects of the petting “zoo”.

Meeting Notes From 9 July
Guests: Sue Cunnington, Heather Inglis, Cathy Day and Cecil Aaron (he and wife Elizabeth came as guests last week, and are prospective members).
Mal Taylor was the tosser this week and Tom Atkinson took home the chocolates!
Applecross Rotary is assisting with the City of Melville tree planting day on 28 July, beginning at 9am.  Volunteers needed to run the BBQ, contact Clive Pearson if you can help.
Clive also promoting bike-riding Fellowship, join him and Ray Philp every week.
Speaking of Fellowship, next Sundowner is at Chris and Hamish Turner’s abode in Raffles Apartments on Thursday 25 July: $7.50pp plus a small plate of food.
District 9465 has confirmed that our candidate, Bhargav Chigati, from Rossmoyne Senior High School, was successful in gaining selection to the National Youth Science Forum in January 2020.
Happy dollars for birthdays: Tim Inglis and Lesley Combes, plus Dockers supporters buying silence concerning last weekend.


Max Cunnington 

Like Lucky Starr, Max has been ‘everywhere’. 
Born in Kalgoorlie, brought up in Bindi Bindi and Bunbury, Max has been a wool classer, Korean dredge worker in Bunbury Harbour, CALM boss (that’s Computer Assisted Livestock Management, not a temperament thing!), livestock auctioneer, meat and food inspector, live cattle exporter to Mexico, Indonesia, Turkey, Vietnam and China (and racing camels to Saudi Arabia), cattle breeding consultant, record setter (selling 4000 steers from Gogo Station in one lot), and tour manager to South Africa, Namibia, and Zimbabwe.
Next week, Max’s saga continues, starting with feral goats.

Tim Inglis presented with a PHF

Tim was unable to attend the Changeover Dinner to receive his PHF and the now Past President Ian Fairnie took the opportunity at this week's breakfast meeting to make the presentation.

Tim is the public face of Rotary to many people in the medical world, including researchers and university teachers in Australia, Sri Lanka and Malaysia, demonstrating his Community orientation in supporting the principles of Rotary.


Tim leads a world class research group which is establishing rapid diagnostic tests for sepsis, the results will potentially save thousands of lives globally.
Lt Colonel Tim Inglis is the CO of the Australian Defence Force Reserve Medical Corps in WA. 
He is also involved in State public health and biosecurity matters.
Congratulations Tim.

Charging furore puts paid parking plan on hold

The City of Melville has back-flipped on its plan to charge for parking at Deep Water Point on Monday, acknowledging the outrage expressed by locals to the surprise plan.

The council has installed new machines and signs at the popular Mt Pleasant riverfront carpark so that it could charge picnickers and cafe users $2.30 per hour, up to $12 per day.

Click here for the full article in the Melville Times


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