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A very special meeting this week.  We combined with the Rotary Club of South Perth Burswood and met at the Crown Hotel Atrium for a breakfast meeting involving the members of our two clubs plus Rotarians and guests from a number of other clubs, to hear a presentation from Australia’s Chief Veterinary Officer Mark Schipp.
On Wednesday evening Mark Schipp also spoke at a meeting on “Superbugs” in Mandurah at a meeting organised by PDG John Kevan, Rotary Club of Mandurah Districts.  Our President-Elect Barry also spoke.
At the morning meeting, Mark was supported by Swan Districts Rotarian Colin Hughes, a former head of Public Health in WA.  Professor John Edwards, former Dean at Murdoch University and now a senior consultant with the United Nations (FAO Asia) chaired the presentations.
It was great to see our own Honorary Member Dr Chris Back among the 50+ people attending, which included prospective member Chris Caithness and her son Connor Ovens.  Other special guests included Australian Rotary Health Foundation PhD student Aaron Alejandro, and one of his advisers Anna George, a policy wonk at Chatham House in London.
This week began sadly with the news that Past President David Donaldson had passed away over the weekend after a short illness.  When Hamish Turner was president he presented David with a certificate of appreciation in April 2018. David was elected an Honorary Member of Applecross Rotary on 1 July 2018.  Vice President  Hamish will lead the group of members attending David’s funeral today (Friday 10 May).
Two other “Applecross Rotary Legends” are having health problems. Bruce James spent a night in hospital Wednesday, and Ray Wales is still not too good after a few days in hospital as well.
The monthly Board meeting was held on Tuesday and reaffirmed the “Guiding Principles for the Club’s Charity Account”, and can be downloaded by clicking here.  These Principles will provide the framework for recommendations to the annual combined Boards meeting (incoming/outgoing) on Wednesday 12 June, being made by myself, the President-Elect and the Secretary.
Because of the nature of this week’s meeting, there were no Happy Dollars and the Silver Teapot remained empty, so next week it’s catch-up time!
Looking forward to next Tuesday presentation on Orange Sky – a truly inspiring story about a couple of young people who found a way of making a big difference to homeless people, an idea that has spread around Australia.
Next week Hamish will host Lisa from Orange Sky, Helen and Tony will welcome you and Mal Taylor with set up and put away.
Combined meeting 'Antimicrobial Resistance' (AMR)
Superbug Seminar
Most members of Applecross Rotary are now familiar with the term “AntiMicrobial Resistance” (AMR), due to the frequent updates from President-Elect Barry, with strong support from Tim Inglis and Jarrad Hall.  We sometimes read the term “untreatable infection”, and certainly Vice-President Hamish knows all about that and lived to tell the tale.  And it seems that this was also the immediate cause of David Donaldson’s death, although David had been in general poor health for some time.
However Mark Schipp and Colin Hughes turned up the TAKE ACTION NOW dial with their presentations to a large number of Rotarians and guests at the Crown Atrium this week.
And why was a vet speaking to us?
Because most antibiotics are used in animal industries and AMR may be transmitted through food.  This is now being referred to as a One Health issue
One Health recognises the interconnectedness of human, animal and environmental health.
Here is the key graphic
Australians are over-using antibiotics in human health, being Australia the 11th highest user of antibiotics out of 31 OECD countries.  In 2015, more than 30 million antibiotic scripts were provided through the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.
Fortunately Mark assured us that in Canberra he and the Chief Medical Officer work together ensuring a One Health approach to addressing AMR and very importantly our food industry works closely with them, unlike many other parts of the world.  This in itself poses a risk to Australia as we import a lot of food, but Mark’s position as President of the World Animal Health Association helps him keep informed of One Health issues that put our health at risk.
Colin Hughes added some other commentary that supported everything our Club is doing regarding AMR, and commended the work being done by a spin-off group from Applecross Rotary, AMR AWARE (Inc.).  Colin’s enthusiasm for success in raising awareness of AMR though Rotary has resulted in him proposing to change the Four Way Test into the Five Way Test: 
  1. Is it the truth?
  2. Is it fair to all concerned?
  3. Will it build goodwill and better friendships?
  4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned?
  5. Does it conserve and improve the health of the planet, its environment and people?
Honorary Member Dr Chris Back drew the discussion to a close by reminding those attending of the calibre of the speakers that had been assembled: Colin Hughes is a former Director of Public Health in WA, Mark Schipp is a world leader in animal health, and Professor John Edwards, former Dean of the Veterinary School at Murdoch University who chaired the presentations, is a senior UN consultant, and One Health expert.
PE Barry requests your input
Barry is keen to hear your views on how the club is running and any suggestions you have to assist him plan for his coming year as Club President.  Give him a call on 0419 969 551 or send him an email.
Tim is running in his FIRST half marathon on Saturday 19th May during the HBF Run for a Reason.  Tim's reason is to make a difference through supporting 'SOLDIER ON' in their work with men and women doing it tough after their final duty. Support Tim help Soldier On by giving whatever you can using the 'Give Now' button.
For more information click here.
Liz is organising an Applecross Rotary Group booking.  Let Liz know if you are interested in attending.

Now more than bragging rights!

There will now be a mystery prize for the best tipper at the conclusion of every 4th round starting at round 5 fixtures. ie winning tips rounds 5 to 8; winning tips rounds 9 to 12 etc.  So if you would like to join the Applecross Rotary League click here to send me an email and I will send you an invitation to register.
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