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PRESIDENT Barry welcomed members to the last meeting for 2019.  It’s a special occasion because we have our Outbound exchange student Connor testing out the speech he will give in a variety of forums in Germany during 2020.  Connor’s last meeting before he flies out will also be our first for 2020, on 14 January.
Our MC Chris Dawson extracted some Happy Dollars with the tally boosted by Kenn Williams paying $10 to get the bag of foreign coins ‘donated’ at various events since July.  Kenn also paid up for his upcoming birthday on 30 December as well as to boast about a granddaughter lining up for some cricket on the Optus Stadium pitch, while Lorri Brazier boasted about spending Christmas in Broome with great-grandchildren.  David and Liz Palmer will soon be celebrating a wedding anniversary, as well as David’s birthday, and the fact they will be in Sydney next week, waving their son off on his next Sydney to Hobart race, on Boxing Day.
And then it was time for the annual Spiteful Santa present snatching event.  As is now customary, Lorri Brazier’s carefully wrapped Christmas Cake was in high demand as was an egg poaching kit.  Some generous members donated their eventual presents to Lorri for the Barick Industries Christmas party, while Associate Member Jordan Keesing took several for Ben Morton’s collection that is being donated to the Salvos later this week.
Connor's RYE Presentation
The spotlight turned on Connor and his new RYE blazer, and also his mum Chris Caithness, who brought along the blazer that she received 25 years ago.
Members were keen to give their feedback to help make a very good presentation even better.  For example adding a slide showing Europe superimposed on the map of WA, with maybe Germany separately superimposed on Victoria!  And maybe use the Roger Federer selfie with a quokka to replace the cute quokka picture Connor had selected.
Another suggestion was to mention WA’s contribution to the national economy through the mining industry, and also have a list of some of the projects that help Applecross Rotary be well known for its community support, plus some photos from the Rotary Jacaranda Festival.
The final word (or footnote) on Connor comes from his mum who posted this message on Facebook Wednesday afternoon:
That moment when your eldest child is going to have bragging rights over you for the rest of your life, since he aced his ATAR, achieving 96.55, and certain to be accepted into Physiotherapy. Succeeding, where his mum failed! (But hey, OT was more my thing anyway!)
All jokes aside, exceptionally proud of Connor Ovens - he studied efficiently (even with his phone by his side), didn't stress too much and didn't require any pushing from any of his parents (still credit his start at Steiner and Deb Williams for fostering his love of learning and intrinsic motivation for school studies).
You're just going to have to excuse my proud Mum brag today - back to normal programming tomorrow, where I'll be complaining about the mess as usual....
Less than one month before he leaves for a whole year too!
If you missed the presentation that Connor used, click here.
Nick Pearson, Kenn Williams, Harry Reid
Kenn delivered a small token of the Club's appreciation to Ben Morton's staff for their fantastic support throughout the year. All of our photo copying needs were provided by Ben's office which is a considerable cost saving for our projects especially the Jacaranda Festival. 
President Barry and Gordon Dunbar attended the Waylen Bay Sea Scouts' Christmas party. Barry took the opportunity to present our donation for the fantastic support we received from the Waylen Bay Sea Scouts at the Jacaranda Festival.
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