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Peter McEWEN
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At last week’s meeting, we heard from Rotarian Margaret Waterton who outlined Melville Rotary Club’s (MRC) new Aboriginal education scholarship project. MRC is partnering Mineral Resources Ltd and ECU, to provide four scholarships to students identifying as Aboriginal to complete a four year Bachelors Degree in Education.
We look forward to hearing more on this wonderful initiative.
Attadale RC Visit
Last Wednesday, AG Kenn and myself attended Attadale’s weekly meeting. The guest speakers were from Karrinyup RC (KRC) who shared their experience of attracting new members.
  Peter and Kenn with Attadale President-elect Bev Moffatt
KRC membership is similar to our Club, and they have inducted 7 new members in the last 3 years. KRC run the Stirling Markets and promote Rotary through their stall where they collect clothing for a worthy cause.  A membership committee meeting is scheduled for 19 April.
THE ATTADALE VIEW is worth a look.  To see the full publication click here
Pancake Parlour
I am told there was an excellent turn-out for the 'Pancake Brunch'.  Thanks to Lorri and Liz for organising another great social event for our members and partners to enjoy.
Perth Makers Market
A special thank you to everyone who is able to assist with this Sunday’s market. It is a difficult time being Easter and your commitment is greatly appreciated.

The Long View
In The Beginning…
Applecross Rotary, over many years (and longer), has been a ‘can do’ and  ‘lets get this done’ sort of group, and our community commitment and outcomes are well recognised.
I think back to the late 90’s/ early 2000, when we were known as ‘ the club with a difference’, and with a community financial ‘give back’ in the $10-20k each year.
We have now ‘grown up’ into a very successful fund raising group with circa $100k as our ‘give back’. Not by chance but through strong planning, community support and a commitment to be successful with our main projects, and I believe we are all very proud of this.
Key to Success is our Sustainability.
In a rapidly changing world, where it seems that attracting strong community/new Member support for Rotary objectives is proving illusive, we are faced with the reality that we must take the initiative to continue the delivery of top quality community outcomes. At risk is the sustainability of what we have created.
Jacaranda Festival and Perth Makers Market.
In outsourcing some of the Administration and Management of our JacFest, it means that we can take the pressure off out proven ‘warriors’, and concentrate more on the delivery of a quality product.
AND ….If we were to have an influx of new Members keen and willing to ‘retake’ these responsibilities, will always be an option for us.
Similarly, and also in line with the above, we outsource as much of the PMM parking duties as we can, again ensuring that our effort is sustainable in the longer term.
Development of Club Assets.
With the soon to be procured AxR utility, our very practical trailer, the BBQ trailer, and the essential assets to support these key projects, we are well set to continue, and perhaps build on, the community project work we undertake.
With strong messaging ( yet to be achieved), who wouldn’t be interested in becoming part of such a great community organisation as APPLECROSS ROTARY!!
Storage of Assets.
Along with our fellow local Rotary Clubs, we must now look towards securing a Rotary Group storage facility where we can both house and share these assets for community convenience and access.
Once this is achieved, I think we will have completed an essential component of ‘ THE LONG VIEW’, which should safeguard our contributions well beyond our own time!
Feedback welcome… agree/disagree, expand on??

Pancake Brunch
Another successful social function thanks to Lorri and Liz for organising the PANCAKE BRUNCH at Lorri's home.
Lorri as usual spent most of her time in the kitchen making sure everyone had plenty of food and drink. Special thanks to our BBQ pancake cooks Max and David, who did a marvellous job keeping the pancakes up to the hungry mob.
Around 12midday there was movement in the camp with the majority of people leaving, replaced by some late starters in Ian Fairnie, Michael Smith and Erin Hegarty.  Liz returned to the kitchen to whip up another batch of pancake mixture and Michael and Erin got the party going again with some champagne and wine.  I am reliably informed that the brunch went late into the afternoon.
A great time was had by all and huge shout out to Lorri for hosting this event.
PP George Mavros, Val Philp, Incoming President Logan Duncan-Smith Incoming PE and Secretary Tom Atkinson

The Game

P K still in the lead!


Who picked what! 


LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT - getting ready for new Rotary Year
In the Rotary Learning Center’s Club Leadership catalog, you’ll find courses that outline what you’ll need to know to succeed in these club roles:
  • President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Committee member:
    • Administration committee
    • Membership committee
    • Public image committee
    • Rotary Foundation committee
    • Service projects committee
These learning plans are designed to be completed before you participate in the district training assembly, which is usually held in March, April, or May. You’ll need a My Rotary account to enroll. If you don’t yet have an account, this step-by-step guide will help you to create one.

On mobile devices, links from email or other pages to the Learning Center may not work. Instead, go to the Learning Center through My Rotary, then search for materials or courses. If you haven’t used the Learning Center, go to, sign in to My Rotary, and accept the privacy policy before you click the link to your learning plan.

The Facilitator Basics learning plan is another development opportunity that we recommend for anyone who leads learning sessions.

Help other club officers prepare for the year ahead by forwarding this email to them. And if you have questions or comments, please send them to

Sarah Remijan
Learning and Development
FROM ARH WA:  We are delighted to announce we’ve established a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Australian Rotary Health WA (ARH WA) and IGA WA, as a major initiative to support family and community health across Western Australia.

This will provide opportunities for local Rotary clubs to partner with their local IGA stores, particularly in country and regional areas of WA, where IGA stores play an important role in the local community, along with Rotary clubs where represented.

We are aware that positive community relationships already exist in a number of country and regional towns, and therefore under the cooperation of this new partnership these can be expanded to further grow the community relationship.

Where Rotary clubs and IGA stores may not have progressed a community partnership, this represents an ideal opportunity for this step to now be taken, for mental health education and awareness and related projects to support the local community.

The ARH sponsored mental health campaign, Lift the Lid on Mental Health, can provide a range of opportunities to promote community awareness, including a community based Lift the Lid Walk event.

We seek your support for this important community initiative. Together we can make a positive difference with mental health education and awareness in our local communities across WA.

Please consider the positive opportunities this partnership can deliver to your local community.
We encourage contacting your local IGA store to discuss ways to jointly support your local community.

The RYPEN (Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment) camp in May is fast approaching!
We would appreciate it if clubs planning on sending someone on RYPEN can let us know as soon as possible for our planning purposes.  It is essential that we have some idea of the number of participants we can expect.
If you know someone who is 14-17 years of age who is
  • Wanting an opportunity to develop and challenge themselves
  • Looking to develop their self-esteem and confidence
  • Interested in developing skills including leadership, teamwork, communication, goal setting and problem solving
  • Wanting to build a network of young people and to make new friends
  • Excited for a weekend of fun
Then they would love to have them attend the RYPEN camp from 20th to 22nd May 2022.
RYPEN depends on Rotary Clubs to sponsor participants, and the more participants they get the better the camp will be. They would love to welcome our applicant to the camp.
They've got an exciting and challenging program lined up for the weekend, so if you know of someone who would like to attend please get your applications as soon as possible.
Easiest way to find contact details for other members and to check-out club event details.  Ray Philp is available if you need to assistance to set up. 
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