Approximately seven years ago Dalton McWha spent a year in Northern Italy on the Rotary Youth Exchange program.  We had the pleasure of finding out what Dalton has done since then.
Dalton was introduced by Ian Fairnie who said he had an easy task as you only have to chat with Dalton for a half an hour and you will feel you have known him all your life,  Ian first met Dalton when he was involved with the John Curtin Leadership Group.  Dalton mentioned to Ian that he was a RYE and would like to continue his involvement with Rotary.  Dalton became a member of our club in November 2016 until December 2017 when he graduated and headed to Canberra then Queensland where he did graduate rotations with various government departments.  He also had a go at starting his own business where he learnt you required a lot of start up capital.  Dalton returned home to a market research job at Synergy and spent time during the Covert 19 restrictions working from the family farm in Narrogin.
Dalton comes from an unique family in relation to RYE in that he was the third person of the family to go on RYE.   Our RYE student Connor Ovens also joined us from Germany (2am local time) and was able to ask some questions and advice from Dalton from his RYE experiences.
Dalton and Connor reinforced why it is great to see the Club back supporting the Rotary Youth Exchange program.