says DGE Michael Moore, AM, PhD
Michael is the incoming District Governor of two current Rotary Districts that will merge on 1 July 2020.  He is also the CEO of the Public Health Association, and was for a time the Minister for Health in the ACT Government, a rare situation for an Independent member of the Legislative Assembly in Canberra.
Drawing on the RI themes for this year and next year, DGE Michael said that as the latter half of this Rotary year progressed it was clear that COVID-19 had been an extraordinary catalyst for connecting the world (this year’s theme), and this has opened many opportunities (next year’s theme) for Clubs to innovate, such as meeting via Zoom. 

It has also provided an opportunity for Clubs to review their strategic direction. 
In his view Rotary has provided tremendous leadership in a whole range on important global issues, and now is the time to focus on the environment, planetary health if you will, and of course this embraces the One Health theme that Applecross Rotary is running with this year.  Human caused changes in their environmental habitat which forced bats to become closer to humans and, well, we know the rest don’t we.
Michael’s PhD research looked at the process of influencing government, with particular reference to his special interest, Public Health advocacy, and facilitating change.  One of the maxims he follows is “Never Waste a Crisis” and currently we have a big one – COVID-19. 
Author and CEO coach Jim Schleckser states that:
The best leaders never waste a good crisis because it affords them the chance to make the kind of large wholesale changes their organization needs. They let the fire do some of the work for them to make the organization receptive to change.
The crisis that is COVID-19 gives Applecross Rotary the opportunity to get One Health and AntiMicrobial Resistance on the agenda for action by Rotary, and DGE Michael will be our formidable ally in Eastern Australia.
And you find your political allies in parliaments by reading their inaugural speeches – these tell you what drives them