A proud time for Applecross Rotary members, especially PP Ian Fairnie who made it one of his goals as the 2018-2019 President, when  RYE student Connor Ovens jetted off for a 12 month adventure in Germany. It has been at least 10 years since Applecross Rotary has participated in the Youth Exchange programme.
Connor's mother, Applecross Rotarian Christina Caithness, knows what a great experience this will be for Connor as she remembers her RYE experience to Finland 25 years ago. 
Honorary Members Ben Morton and Dean Nalder arranged for a national and state flag to send Connor off to Europe with and Ian added some pins for Connor's blazer. Jordan Keesing from Ben Morton's office presented the flags to Connor.
Connor arrived in Germany on Saturday evening and was met at the airport by his host family.  He is hosted by the Rotary Club of Willich, near Dusseldorf, and close to the Netherlands border.
We now need to start planning for this year:
  1. Finding host families for an inbound student due in late June/early July (need 2x3months) as well as asking which Rotarians are interested in including him/her for weekend activities.  We expect to know by then where the inbound student is coming from and whether female/male.
  2. Looking for potential outbound students for 2021.
Ian Fairnie and Chris Caithness are planning to have an information meeting for potential parents/students regarding Rotary Youth Exchange so they can find out about the programme, but also seek potential interested parties to host the incoming student who is due to arrive in July 2020.