Posted by Barry MENDELAWITZ on Dec 08, 2020
Dear All,
Hope all of you are keeping well and I pray and hope for a recovery from the pandemic and its consequences we face today.
We, Sri Lankans, are truly grateful for the local and Australian Rotary involved with donating the molecular pathology equipment to Sri Lanka (NuwaraEliya and Jaffna) to enhance the molecular diagnosis of infectious diseases. Moreover, for training local medical laboratory technologists, scientists and microbiologists locally as well as in Australia. 
Today Nuwra Eliya and Jaffna are doing the COVID-19 testing using the RT-PCR machines and other equipment donated by Rotary Australia. 
1. Jaffna - Mark Mithulan is actively contributing to testing.
2. Batticalo - Jana is contributing to testing.
3. Peradeniya - Anfas is actively contributing to testing.
These people were trained in Perth and finally the purpose for the donation and the training are met and those trained are also actively contributing.
Those involved and facilitating Rotary work in Peradeniya / Sri Lanka are also highly involved in COVID-19 PCR testing and related work in Sri Lanka.
1. Prof Vasanthi Thevanesam - Mentoring us.
2. Dr Enoka Corea - Coordinating PCR testing in Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo.
3. Prof Faseeha Noordeen - Coordinating PCR testing in Faculty of Medicine, University of Peradeniya.
4. Dr Nazmiya Mubarak - Contributing to PCR testing in Faculty of Medicine, Sir John Kotelawala Defense University, Ratmalana.
We are truly grateful to John, Tim and Sara and others involved and this act of assistance will always be remembered.
Best regards and thanks
Faseeha Noordeen
Department of Microbiology
Faculty of Medicine
University of Peradeniya
Sri Lanka