Posted by Ian FAIRNIE
One definition of a drone is a long monotonous speech – but Leanne’s presentation was anything but!
Nikola Tesla premiered the first remote controlled pilotless aircraft in 1989.  Nowadays they range from toys for big boys sending back videos, to being used by the military to ‘take out’ an enemy, and more positively, delivering medical supplies to remote areas, inspections, mapping and so on,
Leanne brought along several examples of drones. 
Use of ones larger than 250gm is strictly controlled by CASA regulations and there are big penalties involved, so if you are planning on buying one better look up those regulations before you do so. 
And get trained – that’s one of the things that civil engineer Leanne can help with.  To operate a drone commercially you will need a pilot’s licence, they are not allowed to fly above 120m, and must remain in sight at all times.
What is certain, however, is that the future is even more exciting because of drones.