Hilda O’Callaghan grew up in South Africa, where 1 in 3 children are sexually abused.  And in common with other countries, it is not “stranger danger” that is the issue, as 96% of sexual abuse occurs from family and friends.
Hilda’s mantra is that children have “The Right to Feel Safe at all Times”, whether in the family, at school or in the general community.
Hilda runs Protective Behaviour courses to help children become unattractive to perpetrators, to learn about Safe v. Unsafe secrets, and how to talk to someone about anything at any time.  And to keep on telling until they get the help they need.
Her courses help children develop a safety network of adults who:
  • are available
  • listen
  • believe
  • take advice, especially if their parents are unavailable.
Hilda is contactable at: hilda@communicateforsuccess.com.au