Thanks South Bunbury Rotary for sharing this great idea to help make your ANZAC Dawn Service extra special.
You will need;
  1. 2 litre plastic milk carton or bigger if you wish
  2. Scissors or Stanley knife
  3. Sand or gravel or small stones
  4. Permanent markers to decorate
  5. Candle or LED light
1. Take the lid off the milk carton and discard.  Leave the handle and top in place for wind protection and carrying.
2. On one side of the carton,  about 5cms from the bottom of the carton- make  an incision that resembles a door  (about 8 cm x 10 cms( vertical)  x 8 cms).  Big enough for a small hand to place the candle inside.
3. Put some sand in the bottom. The sand will act like a weight but also if using wax candles- the wax can fall on it  so as not to have a fire!  Alteranatively you can have a LED light.
4.  Decorate the milk carton with ANZAC symbols – see below