Jacaranda Festivals
Chris Whelan has updated the financials spreadsheet for JacFest 22 and it is truly amazing how Applecross Rotary (AxR) manages to not only put on a great day for the community, but also create some wealth to support those in need.
Some rough numbers on key metrics, including averages over the past 7 years.
1.  Almost $70k was spent on service and general suppliers to the event this year, directly supporting many local businesses…. Averaging around $60k /7 yrs.
2.  Net income, excluding Community Assistance payments… almost $22k/7 yrs av.
     This year: $24.6k.
3.  Direct Community Assistance payments… almost $12k/7 yrs av. ( you help us, we help you.    This year; $18.3k
4.  Direct AxR Event Fundraising …. almost $9k/ 7 yr av.
      This year: $10.2k.
5.  Net contribution to AxR fundraising capability… almost $21k/ 7 yrs.
     This year: $19k.
6.  Grants now total $35k/yr, with $20k from the CoM.. total up from $21.5 k, 2019.
7.  Don’t forget the additional Club Sponsor contribution of $16k/yr, directly related to our community effort over the past 6 years.. T = almost $100k.
NOTE; We commenced paying EM Consulting for Management and Social Media Services in 2019 as part of our long term event planning, but most of this is covered by an increased Grant from the CoM.
It makes great reading after the hard yards of making it happen for now 22 yrs and certainly represents just what AxR is all about. Do we capitalise enough on it in terms of AxR publicity??
Another AGM, another Rotary year soon to begin.
I think it is worth having a discussion on just what AxR could look like in the near future, and whether we contemplate some changes to the way we operate.
For example:
1.  Do we change our regular meeting format… every meeting a standard business/guest speaker event?
Many Clubs are moving to perhaps 2 or 3 ‘standard’ meetings, with a Working Committee meeting replacing a ‘standard’ meeting, perhaps a social event in lieu of another ‘standard’ meeting. 
Can we make this 4th meeting/month a special New Member promo event.. socially inclined, no AxR business, relevant Guest speaker.
Praps and evening event if that might attract new interest.
As a further point, AxR Board meeting decisions should always be reported to the members, but is seldom done. All members need to know what decisions are being taken.
2. Do we review and are there benefits by changing our AxR Board structure, cutting down on the number of portfolios, and combining some, ( smaller Board/ less on Board) rather than our traditional composition. Again, other Clubs are changing.
3. Do we need to load Ray up with a weekly Advocate responsibility.. who reads it and what do we members want from our AxR news sheet? 
It’s a big job and rather thankless without support from our own Club with contributions. Board should really provide a regular update on its important doings.
Anyway,  a few thoughts for our new Rotary year!
Kenn Williams
0428 472619