There is a fantastic range of opportunities for all volunteers to be involved in community education and resource recovery.
They include GreenBatch's monthly Open Day as well as community fairs and music festivals. So far over the past 9 events they have collected close to 100,000 containers (equivalent to nearly 60m3 of resources that would have gone to landfill) and the Greenbatch Foundation has been exposed to 117,500 people. There has been significant changes in the way bars and waste collectors are looking at waste and handling waste. GreenBatch is also being invited to participate in waste strategies forums for festivals and events, so there is real change occurring by their presence in the community and by the contributions of volunteers. 
The following link lists all of the known events. Please keep in mind that often the details may change due to festival organisers changing details. This is outside of Greenbatch's control. Please keep checking on the events page for regular updates as they are continually being approached to participate in events across Perth and the wider metropolitan area. 
For the coming weekend they are desperately needing extra hands for their Saturday Open Day at the Mt Claremont site which provides public access to drop off their collections and for Sunday 2nd shift 3 for Fat Boy Slim. For the Sunday shift they need people for the end of the day as importantly as any part of the day. If you can spare some time, would like to contribute to resource recovery and also would like to see and hear Fat Boy Slim as a bonus, please register today.