• My host family have been really nice so far, they have helped me decorate my room, find a warm jacket, they took my horse riding on my first full day which is something my host sisters do frequently. I also went to my host brothers soccer match which went all the way to penalties, unfortunately they lost. So all is well with the family, and we’ve had many laughs talking about Australia and me fumbling my way through basic german.
  • Its ridiculously cold here, I’m sure I will get used to it but it’s very strange because its so cold outside then really warm inside everywhere, so you are constantly layering up then taking those layers off inside
  • I have taken up playing Badminton 3 times a week, I’ve played a little at home before and surprisingly they don’t have AFL here haha. I am also exploring whether I could join a basketball team, so hopefully I can avoid putting on too much exchange weight.
Cheers, Connor :)