WILLS AND ESTATES was the topic for this week’s presentation by Morgan Solomon, a founding partner of law firm Solomon Hollett. Last week’s Applecross Advocate had a comprehensive presentation by Morgan, so this week we’ll just summarise. 
The essential parts of any estate planning are 
  • Your Will 
  • Enduring Power of Attorney 
  • Enduring Power of Guardianship 
  • Binding Death Benefit Nomination (very important for superannuation) 
  • Advance Health Directive (aka Turning off the machine!) 
Why do I need a will? 
  • Choice of who benefits from your estate (and who doesn’t) 
  • Choice of executor 
  • Clarification of funeral and burial wishes 
  • Saves complications, delays and costs 
  • Consider the alternative…the chaos you leave behind 
Some common myths: 
  • “I don’t need a Will because my spouse will simply receive everything anyway”. 
  • “I can just tell my family what I want now, and they will follow my wishes.” 
  • “If my estate can be challenged, there’s no point making a Will at all.” 
  • “My executor can decide who receives my estate.” 
  • “All my Assets are covered by my Will.” 
  • “It’s easy and inexpensive to make a DIY Will.” 
Important considerations include 
  • What do I have, and where is it? 
  • If I have loaned money to someone, do I want to forgive the loan or should it be repaid to my estate? 
  • Who will be my executor? What if they can’t do the job? 
  • Who do I have to provide for, and who do I want to provide for? 
  • Is there anyone I don’t want to benefit from my estate? 
  • What if my intended beneficiaries die before me? 
  • Do I have specific wishes about my funeral, burial or cremation? 
  • Do I have overseas assets? 
  • What about my stepchildren /de facto spouse/ grandchildren? 
  • What happens to my Super and Life insurance? 
  • What happens to my Family Trust? 
  • Do I have at risk or special needs beneficiaries? 
  • Should I have a Testamentary Trust in my Will? 

The last say, from Morgan Solomon: 
I hope you enjoyed the presentation (We did, it was excellent thanks).  
If any of your members are interested, I have produced some very comprehensive guides that are available for free download on my website, here: 

These go into much more detail and talk about many of the things I was speaking on today. 
And naturally, if any of your members had any queries at all, big or small, they must feel free to contact me 
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