Posted by Kenn WILLIAMS on May 08, 2023
1.   Sad Moments.
One of the younger Assistant Governors from District 9455 apparently took his own life a fortnight ago … another of the never-ending statistics chalked up against fragile mental health issues. I gather that the family has strong community support to help them through this tragedy, but, as is so often the case, no-one was able to intervene in advance.
Please look out for those around us… small signs of disengagement from normal may be the only signal given. 
Please take the time to check them out.
2.   Meeting with Club Sponsors.
We held a very successful Club Sponsor meeting on Friday morning,and brought them up to date with plans for JF23, including that it will now be held on a Sunday. This will be the 6th year of our special relationship… Mont Realty, The Good Grocer, Pharmacy 777 and Ross North Homes… are all keen to stay with our community work and the JF in particular. In line with the very professional ‘project management’ style of event we run; it is essential to treat our relationships with key stakeholders in the same vein. Hence their continuity. The Sponsors are keen to have their contributions go towards local needy causes and we have suggested that they may like to propose some local ideas for us to consider.
3.   Cluster Meeting with Melville, Attadale, Booragoon and Applecross.
Another successful get together of the 4 Zone 1 clubs, with a real spirit of working together for better community outcomes. Certainly, a quarterly combined clubs meeting with a strong theme or guest speaker is planned for 2023/4 with the first get-together a joint clubs DG visit on the 11th of Sept, as I recall. Attadale to arrange. Also, a willingness to support each other with projects and promoting the work that we do in our community. More to follow.
AG Kenn.
Kenn Williams
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