Posted on Feb 09, 2017
Applecross Rotary is proud to present its annual awards program to acknowledge individuals and organisations residing or undertaking work in the City of Melville that provide an exceptional service within our local community.
Recipients of these awards can be volunteers or professionals – we are looking to honour those who take great pride in their work, but who don’t always receive recognition for their commitment to driving improvements and enhancing lives locally.
Our awards feature two general categories – community and business – and in 2017 we recognised eight local champions for their efforts.


These individuals and organisations have really helped to make a mark on our community, investing their passion, time and skill to inspire or enlighten others.


The City of Melville consists of some wonderful businesses and people at the helm who are committed to delivering exceptional service in an ethical manner. We’ are celebrating those who not only take pride in their work but also extend themselves into the community - providing leadership in the areas of outstanding business skills, ethics and social responsibility – or put simply, are committed to giving back to others. 



Please visit our Facebook page to find a full list of the 2017 Community and Business Award recipients.