PDG Pat Schraven attended our Changeover on Wednesday evening and presented Chris Whelan with the ROTARIAN OF THE YEAR for DISTRICT 9465. The following was Pat's words leading up to the presentation:
"As District Governor I am given the challenge of selecting a member worthy of the Rotarian of Year for District 9465.
There are so many members who are worthy of this recognition so it is a challenge I am grateful to have.
Amongst there are people who in their own quiet way make an enormous difference to the people around them.
Their subtle and effective approach to mentor the emerging generation of leaders in Rotary, encouraging them to step up, share their ideas and be heard.
Their business acumen and strategic thinking which has for years enhanced their own clubactivities, this year spilled over in abundance to support the future direction of Rotary.
This member knows how to build strong, lasting relationships within Rotary and externally with local business and organisations that foster sustainable partnerships and helped his club and our district expand our reach.
And when You think this member's cup is full they take on an international project that saw the collaboration of 10 clubs and the successful aquisition of a Rotary Foundation global grant.
In the past year I have been in awe of his contribution to the transition of D9423 as the lead for the stategic focus team.
Congratulations Chris Whelan - Rotarian of the Year for District 9465."