Posted by Ian FAIRNIE on Apr 26, 2021
Dr Garnett Hall made a very informative presentation to a good turn out of members, focussed on his role as a veterinarian in the Army Reserve.  His unit was mobilised to support the volunteers fighting fires on Kangaroo Island in January 2020. They arrived to find a large area of national park had already been burnt and Captain Garnett busied himself providing professional support to the local vets treating burnt animals at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre.  A weather forecast of high temperatures and strong westerlies for later in the week suggested that the Centre would be in great danger unless it was made more secure, so Garnett approached the head of the army task force and secured a group of soldiers who managed, in a few days, to fire-proof the Centre.  
When the fire reached the Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, it split north and south saving the lives of the animals and staff.
There were many international TV crews covering the fire and after it was all over, Garnett had the opportunity to introduce a Scottish reporter to the highly dangerous Drop Bear, one of which was being treated in the Centre.  Here’s the story:
Garnett is certainly a very entertaining vet which must make for enjoyable consultations for pet owners at the Fremantle Animal Hospital.