Posted by Ian FAIRNIE on Feb 26, 2019
Madeline Haines and Stephanie Tory attended NYSF
Today's meeting highlighted the investment Applecross Rotary is making to Tomorrow's leaders. We listened to presentations from the two students who attended the National Youth Science Forum in Canberra last January, our attendee at the RYLA camp, plus an update on the (re)establishment of a local Rotaract Club in the City of Melville.
Madeline Haines and Stephanie Troy attended the 2-week program at the ANU, and it helped them decided on their career path. Madeline and Stephanie are both year 12 students at Santa Maria College, and their applications were very carefully considered at the District level as there are limited places in the NYSF.  This is also the first year in memory that Applecross has sponsored two students.  We usually submit several applicants (we had 3 this time) and two were selected, from the one school.  And after listening to them this morning we are so glad we did.
President Ian Fairnie, Kate Dee and  Youth and Vocational Director Suresh Prabhakaran
Kate Dee was our nominee for the week long RYLA Camp.  Kate has been a Waylen Bay Sea Scout for 4 years and is a member of South Perth Rotaract.  She is studying to be a primary school teacher, at Murdoch University and the skills she learned at RYLA will certainly enhance her future success as a teacher.
Mirella Wilson and Rahul Suresh update on Rotaract 
Our final presentation today was an update on the (re)establshment of a Rotaract Club in the City of Melville.  This was the main priority of Youth Director Suresh Prabhakaran for 2018-19 and while chartering the Rotaract Club may not take place until 2020, positive progress is being made with strong support for neighboring Rotaract and Rotary Clubs.  Applecross Rotary has been joined in our efforts by the Rotary Clubs of Booragoon and Attadale.
A planning meeting is taking place at the Dome Café, Mt Pleasant on Sunday 3 March from 3-6pm, and all Applecross Rotarians are invited to attend.