Please keep collecting and storing at home until the club can arrange to pick-up and deliver to Greenbatch!

The following provides a snapshot update since the last communication from the Rotary Coordination Group.
Containers for Change (CDS) delayed in Western Australia
Due to the impact of Coronavirus, the State Government has delayed the launch of Containers for Change (CDS) in Western Australia.  This means that instead of a launch on 2 June 2020, it is likely that the State Government will launch Containers for Change (CDS) either towards August 2020 or June 2021 depending upon the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19). 
Greenbatch Rotary Coordination Group meet online during COVID-19
During the COVID-19 period of isolation, the Greenbatch Rotary Coordination Group continue to meet with a focus of governance and planning for the new CDS launch date. 
Greenbatch Foundation Education continues
Rotary Cubs who have pledged and paid money to Greenbatch Foundation education program is being used for upgrading the recycling education facility used by school children.  Whilst during COVID-19 the education program has dropped due to changes in school programs, this is an optimum time for Clubs that have pledged to Greenbatch Foundation and not yet paid to complete their commitment to improve the facility.
Rotary Club Greenbatch Foundation Champions
Rotary Clubs who have taken an interest in the Containers for Change by donating to the Greenbatch Foundation education are encouraged to nominate at least one champion to continue to be the liaison for the Club and this program.  Some Clubs have created a working group or committee with several champions to become liaison points for this initiative.  Clubs that have nominated a Greenbatch Foundation (GBF) Champion are encouraged to advised the Greenbatch Rotary Coordination Group via by the 30 April 2020.
Looking for a speaker for your online Rotary meeting?
Rotary Clubs seem to now be meeting online so it is very simple to request a presentation about the Containers for Change, the Rotary Greenbatch alliance and how it can work for your club.  Please contact Natasha Rogers, Operations Manager of Greenbatch Foundation at to arrange a presentation to your online Rotary meeting.
David Wee
Chairperson of the Greenbatch Rotary Coordination Group
Natasha Rogers
Operations Manager, Greenbatch Foundation and Member of the Greenbatch Rotary Coordination Group