The Jacaranda Festival in Applecross has received tremendous backing from its sponsors, Lottery West and The City of Melville, highlighting flourishing partnerships that benefits the community.

Lottery West has been a steadfast supporter of the festival, contributing significantly to underwriting our event costs. Their commitment ensures that any surplus is reinvested back into our local community, making a real difference. We are grateful for their ongoing support and the positive impact it has on our community initiatives.

Similarly, The City of Melville has increased its support, both financially and logistically, in response to the growing needs of sustainability and our shared responsibility to be socially and environmentally aware. Their heightened involvement underscores their dedication to making the Jacaranda Festival a cornerstone of the city’s event calendar. We deeply appreciate their essential role in our event’s success.

In addition to these institutional sponsors and marking 15 years of collaborative success, Applecross Rotary has forged enduring partnerships with local businesses. Starting with four local businesses in 2016, including Greg Brindle at The Good Grocer, Matthew Podesta at Mont Realty, Nigel Krummel at Pharmacy 777, and Ross North from Ross North Homes, our club sponsors continue to contribute generously to local community causes. Their sustained support is a testament to their commitment to our community-focused initiatives.

At Applecross Rotary, we understand the importance of fostering meaningful relationships with our sponsors. We work closely with them to ensure mutual benefits, acknowledging their contributions prominently in all our events and publicity. This collaborative approach ensures that our partnerships thrive and continue to serve the needs of our community.

Furthermore, we extend our gratitude to Dome, Deepwater Point, for providing us with a welcoming community space for our weekly meetings. Their generosity contributes greatly to our ability to organize and plan events that benefit our local area.

The support from our sponsors and partners is invaluable, and together, we look forward to another successful Jacaranda Festival, celebrating community spirit and unity in Applecross.