Posted on Sep 16, 2020
This weeks guest speaker was Applecross Rotarian PP Hamish Turner.
Hamish has had a passion for the environment since early childhood growing up in South Africa.
Hamish retired in August 2017 and after a couple of overseas projects decided to do something local.  Having wildlife as a passion and a second home in Kalbarri he thought Kalbarri was a pretty good spot to start.
The idea come up looking at the plight of our wildlife to create a wildlife reserve that would become a world class Ecotourism facility and the reintroduction of Endangered small mammals and Plant species.
    The aims of the project are:
    • To establish a nature reserve for the re-introduction and preservation of endagered Australian fauna, flora and bird species.
    • To establish partnerships with the traditional custodians (Nanda people), the Parks and Wildlife Service, AWC, various corporations and the Kalbarri community.
    • To train and employ Aboriginal Ranger as guides to connect to country and to enrich visitor experiences.  Daytime cultural and wildflower tours and twilight tours to view and to gain an appreciation of our unique small nocturnal mammals.
    • To add value to Kalbarri by creating a World Class Ecotourism facility, thereby making the reserve an all encompassing venue for Eco-Tourism in Kalbarri.
    • To operate the Nature Reserve within the current guidelines set out in the Kalbari National Park Management Plan-83.
    The desired outcome:
    • The eradication of all introduced species in the Nature Reserve area to establish an area where endagered mammal species can thrive in a decure and safe environment.
    • Preserve a variety of Australia's endagered species for the benefit of generations to come.
    • Provide full public access to the Nature Reserve to encourage and educate the public about conservation.
    • To add value to the local economy with the addition of an Ecotourism facility having both daytime and evening attractions.
    • Provide educational and scientific research facilities to universities, schools and general public.