Posted by Kenn WILLIAMS on May 30, 2022
PMM Project Leader Brett H does his final checks 
Well, another PMM behind us, and hopefully another strong fund raiser for those with a need.
However, for the operations team, there’s is always something to laugh, cry, or enjoy about happenings on the day!
You have to laugh… at those dear drivers who, on seeing a collection request, make sure the window is up, a grim look covers their face, and they try to move past as if we don’t exist….. and those which only the ‘rights’ of an ACROD pass confer, have the indignation to DEMAND a spot, even when we are totally full up…. And those gob- smacked who ‘just come for the playground’, or a family picnic,  totally unaware that the event is on, … and some of our dear ethnic friends who look at you dumbfounded when one asks for a ‘donation for charity’!
Drop a tear when idiots, despite directions, insist on driving up the wrong, out going lane, and have to be directed out without causing total chaos,…or  want to stop and have a chat, despite traffic building behind them and holding up normal traffic flow,…. Or in the lower car park, get bogged in the sand due to stopping and trying to drive on again…
But on the enjoyment side, working to a schedule with a wonderful group of fellow ‘volunteer soldiers’, irrespective of the heat, wind, rain … or early hour set up/later hour pull down, sharing in the fantastic fund raising the event presents, and knowing that Applecross Rotary has again overseen a very well organised event management activity.
Long may we soldier on with this event, and have a laugh or a cry along the way!
PP Barry M shows how to do it from year's of practice!